Mall Adventures

It was so, so hot out today, but Mommy said we needed a walk because it had rained and kept us indoors all day yesterday. Nobody wanted to go, except me. When we got in the elevator, Mommy said, “Shhhh…don’t tell the others, but we’re going to walk in the mall where there’s air conditioning.”

I was really excited. Because of Covid 19, the mall has been closed for almost a year, except for a few stores that sold groceries and stuff like that. I was sorry the others hadn’t come, too, but then everyone would have been running around, and it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

When we got there, it wasn’t very crowded. It was kind of nice to be able to walk around without bumping into someone the way it used to be, before the mall closed for so long.

We went to the bookstore as soon as we got there. We have really, really, really, missed bookstores! I saw lots of books I wanted, but Mommy said we couldn’t get any books without the others to help choose.

I tried really hard to get Mommy to change her mind, but she wouldn’t, even when I showed her how educational some of the books were!

I even found the perfect book set for Michael, but Mommy said we didn’t need the accessories, and he could get a book like it, at the library, for free. Sometimes, Mommy is such a cheapskate.

I changed my mind about her being a cheapskate though, because Mommy took me to the toy store. I got to have my picture taken with a pop star and Mommy bought me a Polly Pocket. I have to share it with the others sometimes, but I get to unpack it, and play with it first.

We walked around some after that to get our exercise in. I saw lots of things that were pretty.

There were sad things, too, like some stores went out of business because they had to be closed for so long.

We went to the Hallmark card store after awhile. I got to look at all the Christmas ornaments, and picked out some I liked.

Riley would love this unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh.

I thought this one was a Highland girl, but really it is a Piper piping, like in the song. That’s why it has a number eleven on it.

Don’t you think this fairy looks like me? I hope Mommy will buy this one later on, for our Christmas tree.

This is my very favourite picture – me and Jack Jack!

Can you guess where our last stop was? So many delicious choices!

We bought three white chocolate bars so there is enough to share with everyone at home. I think I like getting our exercise walking around the park better, but I also think I wouldn’t mind a bit, if every walk we took, ended with a chocolate bar.

8 thoughts on “Mall Adventures”

  1. Purdy’s n’a pas l’air mal du tout… heureusement qu’il n’a pas fermé !!!!! moi… je ne suis pas allergique, vois-tu !! tu es comme moi, n’est-ce pas ? tu en aurais bien goûté un de chaque, n’est-ce pas ???
    tu es si jolie dans ton petit ensemble que je t’envoie pleins de baisers à partager avec tes frères et sœurs !!!

    • Oh yes, Auntie C.! I would definitely have tried every one if Mommy would have let me, but she said I would get a sick tummy if I did. I had some of the white chocolate last night though, and it was delicious! Thank you for your compliment about my dress and sweater. I like it, too. Kisses and hugs to you!

  2. I miss going to the mall too. So sad to see many stores closed for good. Covid has hit some businesses really hard. Glad you had fun at the mall. Maybe I can meet you there next time!

  3. Great idea to go for a walk in the mall. Ours looks really sad too with only half the stores populated, Purdy’s is my favorite!

    • Well, Auntie, K., Mommy says it is and isn’t a good idea, because yes we got exercise, but then, she spent money, too! We love that you love Purdy’s as much as we do. Mommy can not eat regular chocolate any more because of allergies, but Purdy’s makes the best white chocolate so we are all still happy here.

  4. How cute you are, little princess!
    You were lucky to go for a walk in an air-conditioned place.
    Unfortunately, there are a lot of stores here too, which have had to close.
    The unicorn pulling Santa’s sleigh is really beautiful. I, too, think Riley would be happy to have it. You should have urged your mom to buy her a bit, but she’ll wait a bit longer!
    But you will still be rewarded with the white chocolate.

    Today, I’m very hot and I’m sweating crocheting.
    Your French cousin’s swimsuit is almost finished. I’ll finish it, maybe tomorrow !!!

    • Aw…thank you, Auntie E. for saying I am cute and a princess. If I were a real princess, I would invite you to live in an air conditioned castle with me so you wouldn’t be hot while you crochet. We are going to have some white chocolate for dessert tonight. I didn’t tell Riley about the unicorn with Santa, just in case Mommy doesn’t decide to buy it. Riley is little and I don’t want her to feel too disappointed. Kisses and hugs to you, too.

      Aw… merci, tante E. d’avoir dit que je suis mignonne et une princesse. Si j’étais une vraie princesse, je t’inviterais à vivre avec moi dans un château climatisé pour ne pas avoir chaud pendant que tu crochetes. Nous allons avoir du chocolat blanc pour le dessert ce soir. Je n’ai pas parlé à Riley de la licorne avec le Père Noël, juste au cas où maman ne déciderait pas de l’acheter. Riley est petite et je ne veux pas qu’elle se sente trop déçue. Bisous et câlins à toi aussi.


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