Creations for This Week

Mommy has spent most of this very hot week inside, working on her crafts. She volunteered to be a tester for another crafter who makes and sells patterns for doll clothes for Paola Reina, Las Amigas girls.

Our sister, May Lin, is really happy with her new dress. Mommy is going to sew her a petticoat later on to wear under the skirt.

If you want to order the pattern when it is ready, keep an eye on Loveday Lemon’s Etsy shop. You can copy and paste the URL from here:

There is a pretty bonnet pattern, already posted in her shop, that matches the dress.

Mommy also started working on the new rug pattern. Because of its curved edges and its many colours, she decided to plan out each section on larger graph paper as she went along. She isn’t very far yet, but don’t you think the colours are beautiful? We do!

The last thing Mommy has been working on this week is a cross stitch for some friends who got married last year. She has been making this one for a really long time. She says it is the most intricate one she has ever made! It takes her a long, long, long time to do just a little bit.

In the meantime, Michael has been trying to teach Alice and Li Jun some tricks. Alice is quick at learning, but Li Jun has too much energy, and won’t sit still long enough to listen. Michael says he is going to look for a dog training book next time we go to the library!

6 thoughts on “Creations for This Week”

  1. mais c’est superbe ! et vous faites tout ça… en même temps !
    l’éléphant avance bien mais vous avez des yeux d’aigle… c’est si petit…
    c’est magnifique !
    le nouveau tapis est un beau challenge aussi !!! il commence vraiment bien…
    bravo à vous !!

  2. The rug and cross-stitch are coming along beautifully. The colours are vibrant and jump off the page. They are both going to look amazing when they’re completed.


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