Auntie S. Spoils Michael

Michael was super excited this week! Auntie S. sent him two doggies!!!

There was a Mommy doggy and and a puppy. Thank you, Auntie S.! Michael is so, so happy!

Riley wanted to help him name the doggies, but Michael said no, he wanted to think up their names all by himself. He is calling the Mommy doggy Alice, after a friend Mommy used to have, and the little puppy, Li Jun, because he is so young and energetic.

The only problem is – Theo might be a teensy bit jealous.

But, Riley has promised to help Theo feel better with lots of hugs, until he gets used to our newest family members.

We are just hoping all our pets will get along…Mommy says to leave them alone, and they will figure it out themselves, so that is what we are doing. It is awfully hard not to rush them into be friends though.

Sasha got a new dress this week, and wanted to show off how pretty it is. It came all the way from Kiev, and was made by Olga Goroshanskaya. Mommy found it on ebay. She says she knew it was perfect for Sasha the minute she saw it.

Chloe and Sofia were hoping to go to the bookstore this week, but the line up to get in was much too long. So, Mommy took them to the library to return some books, and they got a big surprise – it was open! They were the first customers to go inside after many, many months of the library being closed.

They said hello to M., the librarian on duty that day.

Then, they went on a computer, while Mommy printed some things on another one.

They waited to see what programs would appear on the chalk board…

And then, they helped Mommy check out some new books.

Afterwards, they headed over to Auntie S. and Uncle P.’s house to see how the building of their new shed was going. It was very, very, very hot out, so Auntie offered them some cool drinks.

After a bit, they moved inside the shed to get out of the sun.

Mommy says Uncle and Auntie built such a big shed, that if we ever need to move, we would could live in it easily! We know Mommy was only joking, but we think it would be fun to live in the shed. We bet Auntie would cook us wonderful meals and let us use her pool every day!

Speaking of pools and swimming, here is the pattern for Luna’s swim suit in case you don’t have a swim suit yet…

Kruselings Two Piece Bathing Suit


1.00 mm (US – 12; UK – 6 1/2) steel crochet hook

 DMC Cebelia #30 or Valdani #12 Pearl Cotton

3 small snap fasteners


11 sc per 1”/2.5cm

Stitches and abbreviations used: 

Chain (ch)

Single crochet (sc)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Increase (inc): work two sc in next stitch

Decrease (dec): Pull up a loop in each of the next two stitches, yo, pull through all loops on hook

Reverse single crochet (rev sc): Work a sc in each stitch, but working backwards across row instead of forward, as would be usual.

Bathing Suit

Note: End all rows with ch 1, turn, unless otherwise indicated.

Beginning with the halter top:

Chain 43.

1) Beginning in second chain from hook, work 42 sc across row.

Work 4 rows even in sc.

6) Sc 10, inc, sc 20, inc, sc 10 (44 stitches).

7) Sc 44.  End off thread.

8) Skip 14 stitches, sc 1, dec, sc 10, dec, sc 1.

9) Sc 14.

10) Sc 1, dec, sc 8, dec, sc 1.

11) Sc 12.

12) Sc 1, dec, sc 6, dec, sc 1.

13) Sc 1, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 1.

14) Sc 1, dec, sc 2, dec, sc 1.

15) Sc 1, dec dec, sc 1.

16) Sc 1, dec, sc 1.  End off thread.

Left back edge:

Right side facing, sc 7 across left back edge.  Work four rows even in sc.  Do not end off at end of last row, ch 1, do not turn.

Work one row of sc around entire edging of top.  Join with a sl st.  Work one row rev sc around entire top.  Join with a sl st.  End off thread.  Darn in all loose threads.

Neck tie:

Chain 50.  Beginning in second chain from hook,, sl st in each chain across.  Chain 50 again, and beginning in second chain from hook, sl st in each chain across back to centre of tie.  End off thread.  Sew centre of chain to centre front neck of halter top.  Darn in all loose threads.

Sew two snap fasteners to close halter top at centre back.

Bathing Suit Panties:

Starting at front waistband, chain 24.

  1. Beginning in second chain from hook, sc across row (23 stitches).
  2. Sc 1, inc, sc 19, inc, sc 1.
  3. Sc 25.
  4. Sc 1, inc, sc 21, inc, sc 1.
  5. Sc 27.

Work two rows even in sc.  End off thread.

8) Skip 7 stitches, join thread and sc 13.  Leave the last 7 stitches unworked.

9) Sc 1, dec, sc 7, dec, sc 1.

10) Sc 1, dec, sc 5, dec, sc 1.

11) Sc 1, dec, sc 3, dec, sc 1.

12) Sc 1, dec, sc 1, dec, sc 1.

13) Sc 1, dec, sc 2.

14) Sc 1 dec, sc 1,

15) Sc 3.

Work five rows even in sc.

21) Sc 1, inc, sc 1.

22) Sc 1, inc, sc 2.

23) Sc 1, inc, sc 1, inc, sc 1.

24) Sc 7.

25) Sc 1, inc, sc 3, inc, sc 1.

26) Sc 1, inc, sc 5, inc, sc 1.

27) Sc 11.

28) Sc 1, inc, sc 7, inc, sc 1.

29) Sc 1, inc, sc 9, inc, sc 1.

30) Sc 15.

31) Sc 1, inc, sc 11, inc, sc 1.

32) Sc 1, inc, sc 13, inc, sc 1.

33) Sc 19.  Chain 3, turn.

Divide for centre back seam:

34) Sc in second chain from hook, sc in next chain, sc 9.  Chain 4, turn.

Make under placket:

35) Sc in second chain from hook, sc in next 2 chain, sc to end of row (14 stitches).

Work four rows even in sc.

40) Sc 1, dec, sc 5, dec, sc 4.  End off thread.

Rejoin thread at centre back.

  1. Sc 10.  Chain 3, turn.
  2. Sc in second chain from hook, sc in next chain, sc 10 (12 stitches).

Work five more rows even in sc.

8) Sc 1, dec, sc 4, dec, sc 3.  End off thread.

Join side seams.  Sew under placket at lower edge on inside.


Right side facing and beginning at lower edge of right back, work I row of sc across back edge, then work 3 sc in corner, and 1 row of sc across waistband edge. 

Work one row of rev sc across waistband and back edge.  End off thread.  Darn in loose threads.

Leg edgings:

Right side facing, join yarn at centre crotch of one leg opening.  

  1. Work 37 sc around leg opening, joining with a sl st to beginning of row.  Ch 1, do not turn.
  2. Work 1 row sc around entire leg opening, decreasing 5 stitches evenly spaced across row, joining with a sl st to beginning of row.  Ch 1, do not turn.
  3. Work 1 row rev sc, joining with a sl st to beginning of row.  End off thread.

Repeat for second leg opening.

Darn in all loose threads.  Sew one snap fastener to close panties at centre back.

Copyright 2021 Cynthia’s Designs

Please enjoy this pattern, but do not reprint without permission.  If selling items made from this pattern, please credit Cynthia’s Designs for the pattern.

16 thoughts on “Auntie S. Spoils Michael”

  1. Thank you very much for the tutorial. I will make this cute little jersey later because my thumb is still getting in the way of crocheting.
    I still adore your little stories with your family from Kruselings. I have become a fan of these little ladies. I made them a sofa, but I haven’t featured it on my blog yet.
    Kisses to the whole family

    • Oh, we hope your thumb will be better soon! Mommy got so discouraged when her wrist was broken and she couldn’t do her crafting! We can’t wait to see your sofa – the things you make are so lovely.

      • Thanks, my thumb is much better and I can resume my manual work. That’s it, my little one’s sofa is on my blog.
        I am crocheting this cute swimsuit and I have a quick question.
        I don’t understand the sentence: Work 4 rows evening sc. and especially the word evening for the hook. Can you help me please. Thank you

        • So sorry! It is a typo. I have fixed it. It should read “work 4 rows even in sc.” Thank you so much for pointing out the error. I saw your sofa on your blog. It is really lovely. I am always impressed by your creations – such talent you have. Good luck with the swim suit. We would love to see it when you are done!

  2. Oh my thanks so much for the cute patterns. They are so adorable. I have just received Luna and Chloe so they are going to get swim suits pretty quickly.


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