Vaccination Time

Today, we all went to have our second Covid vaccination. There was only one person ahead of us in line when we got there, but we still had to wait a bit, because of all the people who were inside already getting vaccinated.

Sofia and I were first in our group. We chatted while we waited, about Winston, our new duck. He is such a friendly fellow, but he doesn’t seem to be getting along with Treasure very well at the moment. We were just hoping the two of them weren’t getting into fights while we were out.

Vera spent the waiting time reassuring Riley that a second needle wasn’t going to hurt any more than the first one did, which never hurt at all.

Michael spent his time chatting with Theo. From what little I could hear from my place in line, they were hatching up some sort of plot to get Winston in trouble. I hope they were just being silly and not really serious. Luna and Chloe were chatting, too, so they told me afterwards, they didn’t know what Michael and Theo had been saying. Oh dear

When we got inside, Sofia went first. She was very brave, and didn’t even turn her head away when the nurse gave her the shot. The nurse said she wished all her patients were as brave as Sofia.

I went next, but I had to keep my eyes turned away from seeing the needle. I’m not scared of needles, but if I look, my stomach gets queasy sometimes.

Poor Riley had worked herself up into such a frightened state by the time it got to be her turn, the nurse said Vera could go at the same time, to help calm her down.

Vera was great with Riley, distracting her while the nurse gave her the needle. Riley never felt a thing.

Then Riley, held Vera’s hand to help her be brave while she got her shot.

Then it was Michael’s, Luna’s and Chloe’s turns. When we had all been vaccinated, the nurse gave each of us a sticker for being such good patients.

Riley got two stickers, because the nurse said she had been doubly brave for getting her own shot and helping Vera get hers. Theo got one for helping Michael, too. Now, we can go visit our Granny, and all our friends without making anyone sick. Yay!

12 thoughts on “Vaccination Time”

  1. Your outfits are all so adorable. I am not much of a crocheter but will give it a try with some of your patterns.

    • Aw, Auntie P., you’re so funny…there’s nothing cute about getting a shot in the arm! But, still we are glad we got ours, and hope you have gotten yours, too. Now, if you are saying that we are all actually really cute little people, that we get! Ha, ha, ha…

  2. hello Cynthia
    I only recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did! Love all the happenings in the Kruselings family, and I see you have written lots of knit & crochet patterns for small dolls, so will be sure to check them out!
    I have a variety of sizes (all modern, no vintage) and love the challenge of making little outfits.

    • What a lovely compliment to receive, and start my day with! Thank you, Claire. I usually post patterns for the Kruselings and Sasha dolls, but might include some Paola Reina Las Amigas and AG Wellie Wishers in the future. The kiddies are thrilled to hear you enjoy their adventures, too. It has been hard sometimes to have adventures during this pandemic, but we are into our second year, and still having fun! Thank you for joining us.

    • Your comments have to go through a vetting process simply because I do not want to let anyone post a comment that is offensive to someone else. I have never had to delete anyone’s yet! I usually see them quite quickly, and love reading them, so please don’t be afraid to comment. Have a great day.


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