It Came in the Mail

Luna: What’s this?

Sofia: I don’t know. It came in the mail from Auntie S. today.

Michael: Wait! Wait for us!

Riley: Yeah! We want to help open it!

Luna: I wonder what it is?

Riley: The last time Auntie sent me a really neat crown and Michael got some fabric.

Sofia: Fabric?

Michael: Yeah, and it’s real manly.

Sofia: (Snort…)

Michael: I heard that!

Riley: What is it?

Michael: A duck! What does Auntie S. think we are? A bunch of duck farmers?

Luna: Michael! That’s rude!

Riley: Yeah, you’re going to hurt his feelings, Michael. He’ll think you don’t like him.

Michael: Hurt his feelings? It’s a duck. Do ducks even have brains? Auntie S. should have sent us a dog.

Sofia: Of course they have brains, and I bet this one is wondering the same thing about boys and their brains!

Riley: And, a dog might start fights with Treasure, Michael.

Michael: Oh, all right…”Quack, quack, quack.” There, I just said “welcome” in duck. Are you all happy now?

Luna: It’s okay, ducky. You’ll understand when you get to know Mikey a little better.

Michael: Don’t call me Mikey in front of the new duck – aaaargh!

Sofia: What shall we call him? He can’t be ducky forever.

Riley: I like Winston.

Luna: Hmmm, we’re going to need a pond, and hay and…

4 thoughts on “It Came in the Mail”

  1. j’adore vos histoires !
    et les discussions sont succulentes !!!
    ce canard est ravissant et j’aime son nom !

    • He does suit the name doesn’t he?! The little ones are already planning out his new pond home – lots of discussions and drawings being made…


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