Granny gave Mommy some furniture yesterday. Auntie R. and Uncle P. went with Mommy to Granny’s apartment, and brought it back for us in Uncle P.’s trailer and truck. Mommy says Auntie R. and Uncle P. are her heroes! Callie checked out the new bookcase while the wardrobe cabinet was getting polished in the living room.

The wardrobe has a side for hanging clothes, but Mommy wanted shelves. She bought some artist boards at the craft store, and built some.

This morning, we helped Mommy sort our big sister’s clothes, and put them away on the shelves. We couldn’t help with the drawers, because Mommy filled them with heavy stuff like stationary and staplers.

After the wardrobe was full, we moved on to the bookcase. The bottom shelf of the bookcase was for some of our Sasha sisters and brothers. Mommy put Ivy and Zachary at one end.

Minna, Caleb and Marceline were at the other end, but the bookcase was too dark to see Caleb well, so Elspeth took his place. Cora had the same problem in the middle of the bookcase, so Parker took her place.

In the middle, Sasha, Parker and Samantha are sharing the sofa. Mommy says Cora and Caleb can sit on top of the bookcase later when she organizes all our chairs. They are excited about that, and can’t wait!

Mommy is letting us use the top shelf of the bookcase for bit, because we don’t have our house yet. We put our beds in there to help keep dust off them…except, Chloe’s bed isn’t in there yet, because someone with four legs and orange fur, got dirty paw prints on her flowered bedspread, and Mommy is washing it. We won’t mention any names, but the four legged culprit is going to have a bath, too.

It is hard for Mommy to get good pictures of us in the bookcase once the doors are shut, because the light shines on the glass doors when she uses the camera. Still, we like our temporary home, and our sisters and brothers like that they have a place to sit all together, rather than being stuck all over the house in different places!

Bibichou is happy, too, because for now, she gets to sit on top of the bookcase in her chair!

We still don’t have a final choice made for Riley’s quilt, because these three quilt designs all came in even, in our survey! Thank you to everyone who voted in the comment sections. The survey results didn’t show the results properly (Mommy will have to figure out how to make a better survey next time!), so we tallied all the votes ourselves. Mommy says we still have time to figure it out because with all the new furniture this week, she still hasn’t had time to go into the storage closet for Riley’s bed. We don’t think Riley cares much at the moment. She loves sharing all our beds with us. She picks a different person and bed every night!

10 thoughts on “Furniture”

  1. les meubles sont très beaux !
    et j’aime beaucoup cette organisation !
    (surtout les courtepointes… mais je me demande OU tu aurais pu mettre le lit de Chloé ?)
    beau travail !

    • Chloe’s bed is actually sitting on top of the bookcase right now. Mommy has washed her bedspread, and just has to iron it so Chloe can have it back. It is on her list of chores for today. But…we aren’t sure another bed will fit in here with us! We can’t wait until Mommy gets our real house started…

  2. Riley is spoiled for choice when it comes to sleeping in a bed, I see !!!
    Above all, don’t cry kids, you still have your whole life to get on a truck.
    Beautiful recovery that this piece of furniture that will serve as a dollhouse.

    • We are getting worried though that by the time Mommy gets Riley’s bed ready, she won’t want to sleep in it at all! We really, really want to go for a truck ride so next time we see Uncle P., we are going to ask him very nicely to take us for a ride, with lots of magic words like “please” and “pretty please.”

  3. Quel travail!!!! chouette les casiers pour diminuer la hauteur de la penderie…bonne idée… tes poupettes sont toutes contentes et c’est bien, reste des chaises maintenant…un jour à la fois….Bonne journée Bisous…Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : What work!!!! nice lockers to reduce the height of the wardrobe … good idea … your dolls are all happy and that’s good, rest of the chairs now … one day at a time …. Have a nice day Kisses .. .Fanfan

    • That is what mommy says, too – “one day at a time.” Tomorrow, we are going to help round up all the chairs here and see which ones Cora and Caleb want to use. We are hoping we can sneak some chairs that fit us, in with the others. It would be like having a rooftop garden if we get to sit on top of the bookcase sometimes with our sister and brother!

  4. Mummy must be so pleased to have order and discipline in her doll family. Your new environment, girls, looks so well organised!

    • Oh yes, she is very pleased, but we are even more so, because as she cleans up and organizes, she is making more room in our home, and that means, our very own house will come along sooner! We hope she will start building it for us by this fall. Won’t that be fun!?

    • Thank you, Auntie R.. We love our new furniture, and it is really helping Mommy organize our home, too! Only, we don’t understand why we didn’t get to ride in Uncle P.’s truck with you guys? Just for future reference – we have never been in a truck in our whole entire lives!


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