What Would Riley Like Best?

As you know, we have a little sister now, Riley. She has been sharing our beds as Mommy has been too busy (She says!) to get Riley’s new bed out of the storage cupboard. But, Mommy has promised to get Riley’s bed out soon, and in the meantime, we have asked Mommy to make a quilt for her bed, as a surprise for Riley. Mommy said she would, but we had to help by choosing a design for the quilt. So…we all created a quilt design, and we need your help to figure out which quilt Riley would like best!

Here are all our designs so you can help us choose:

Chloe thinks Riley would like to have a quilt with dolls all over it, because she and Chloe like to play dollies together.

I think Riley would like this bar design because Mommy could use all different colours and fabrics to make it really pretty, and Riley likes pretty things.

Luna thinks Riley would like this checkered patch work design, because Mommy could use all the colours Riley likes.

Michael says Riley would like his vehicle quilt design best because she was hiding in his bed, under his vehicle quilt, when we first met her.

Sofia thinks Riley would like her butterfly design quilt because it has Riley’s name on it, and because butterflies are really pretty.

And Vera thinks her quilt design would be best for Riley because it has summer flowers all over it, and so Riley would always feel warm because the flowers would remind her of warm summer sunshine.

So, what do you think? (Mommy isn’t certain her quiz will forward her the correct results though, so please leave a comment with your choice, too!)

16 thoughts on “What Would Riley Like Best?”

    • Thank you for your vote, Auntie C.. The butterflies are winning so far, and they would remind Riley of sunny days, too. It is fun to see what everyone likes best.

  1. Personally, I would turn to the “Joy’s bar quilt”, more original than the eternal squares. so that your Mum could use all the colors and all the fabrics, whether they are plain or patterned.
    I also really like small cars. It is really not easy to choose !!!
    Lots of kisses to you and all your little people, Cynthia

    • You see why we could not choose on our own, Auntie E.! We think you are right that Riley would like lots of colours though, no matter which design gets made.

  2. j’aime aussi beaucoup celle de Joy mais elle ressemblerait peut-être trop à celles de ses sœurs… en effet, celle qui est fleurie lui ressemblerait peut-être plus, à cette délicate petite Riley…
    mais je pense qu’elle serait heureuse de les avoir toutes… pour pouvoir changer de courtepointe tous les jours… bonne idée, non ???

    • We love your reasoning, Auntie M.. It is true, butterflies mean changes, and Riley will have many changes to celebrate in her life – like joining our family!

    • Ooh, that is such a good idea! Then, Riley could turn her quilt over and have two designs to choose from whenever she wants…you are really smart, Auntie B.

  3. J’aime les papillons….ça change des fleurs et elle s’envolera dans de jolis rêves….Bonne journée ..Bisous.. Fanfan

    • And the flowers in the park are so beautiful right now, Auntie L.! They really might remind Riley of the sunshine and warm weather. It is so hard to choose!


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