It Came in the Mail

Luna: What’s this? Sofia: I don’t know. It came in the mail from Auntie S. today. Michael: Wait! Wait for us! Riley: Yeah! We want to help open it! Luna: I wonder what it is? Riley: The last time Auntie sent me a really neat crown and Michael got some fabric. Sofia: Fabric? Michael: Yeah, … Read more


Granny gave Mommy some furniture yesterday. Auntie R. and Uncle P. went with Mommy to Granny’s apartment, and brought it back for us in Uncle P.’s trailer and truck. Mommy says Auntie R. and Uncle P. are her heroes! Callie checked out the new bookcase while the wardrobe cabinet was getting polished in the living … Read more

What Would Riley Like Best?

As you know, we have a little sister now, Riley. She has been sharing our beds as Mommy has been too busy (She says!) to get Riley’s new bed out of the storage cupboard. But, Mommy has promised to get Riley’s bed out soon, and in the meantime, we have asked Mommy to make a … Read more