Our Resident Expert

Like many children, Riley has lots of questions about life…

Riley: Why do we sleep on beds?

Michael: It’s to keep the snakes off.

Riley: What snakes?!

Michael: The ones that would crawl into bed and eat you if the beds didn’t have legs.

Riley: I hope my bed is going to have really tall legs.

Riley: Where does water come from?

Michael: Angel tears.

Riley: We use a lot of water. Do angels cry all the time?

Michael: No, only when they are sad or happy.

Riley: What if their tears run out? We’d get awfully thirsty!

Michael: Don’t worry. There are like a zillion angels.

Riley: Why is this flower called “Baby’s Breath?”

Michael: ‘Cause it only grows if a baby breathes on it.

Riley: Oh.

Riley: Why do people have to eat all the time?

Michael: Because we’re all full of poop. When we eat, the food pushes the poop out.

Riley: What would happen if we stopped eating then?

Michael: All the poop in our bodies would turn hard as stones, and we’d turn into statues.

Riley: Why do people throw their cigarette butts on the ground?

Michael: It’s so new cigarettes can grow. The butts are like the seeds.

Riley: Cigarettes will grow out of the pavement?

Michael: Cigarettes grow anywhere.

Riley: Why are there so many kinds of cars?

Michael: If all the cars looked the same, you’d never be able to find your car in a parking lot!

Riley: You’re so smart, Michael.

Riley: Why does H., our favourite librarian, have this big plastic thing here?

Michael: It’s to keep the wild animals out of the library. See, this little opening is just big enough for us, but a raccoon would get stuck for sure.

Riley: I think I’m scared of raccoons.

Riley: Why do birds come in so many colours?

Michael: Because every time they fly through a rainbow, their feathers change colour.

Riley: Wow!

Riley: Why is Uncle P. putting all these bricks here?

Michael: He’s building us a sidewalk so we don’t get hit by the cars in his driveway, when we come to visit.

Riley: I’m so glad you’re my brother. You know everything.

Michael: Stick with me, kid. I won’t let anyone steer you wrong.

10 thoughts on “Our Resident Expert”

  1. Que de dangers dans notre monde ! Alors pour des petits enfants comme Riley et Mikael, c’est la Jungle avec tous ses dangers !
    Merci pour ce charmant moment passé ensemble !

    • It is true Auntie B., there are lots of dangers out there, but don’t worry, I will protect Riley! I already told her how cigarettes cause cancer. Love, Michael

  2. So many good answers, congratulations Michaël !!!
    I really liked the rainbow’s response to the birds.
    Uncle P looks like he’s having a good time seeing your two little ones.
    Thank you for this wonderful story.

    • Thank you, Auntie E.. Birds aren’t really smart like me, because they only know to go through one part of a rainbow at a time. I would go through all the colours in a line as fast as I could, and then I would be even better than a rainbow! Uncle P. is the best…he always makes us feel right at home. Sincerely, Michael

    • Thank you, Auntie L.. I have a lot of both, Mommy says, but I am also just very smart like Riley said. I pay attention at school, and I use my own head to think for myself. Sincerely, Michael

  3. bonnes réponses, Michaël !
    effectivement, tu ne dois laisser personne tromper ta sœur (après tes réponses…)

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. I know…I have to watch out for my sister. She is little and there are all kinds of people who would tell her the wrong things! She is lucky I am her big brother, and can watch out for her.


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