While I was brushing my teeth one day this week, Michael bombarded me with questions…

Michael: Why did you have to adopt another girl? Aren’t there any boys out there?

Me: We adopted Riley because she needed a family. If a boy comes along who needs us, then we’ll adopt him, too.

Michael: But, where is she going to sleep? Where will she play? Where will she sit when we’re eating?

Me: I have a bed for her. We just have to get it out of the storage cupboard; and a new chair was just delivered yesterday, so she’ll eat right along with all of you. As for playing, I’m sure you’ll all make Riley feel right at home.

Michael: Come on Theo. Riley can go play with the girls. We’ve got boy stuff to do.

Me: Michael!

Chloe: No, Riley, you can’t put that chair in the bedroom. It goes in the living room. Here, I’ll do it.

Vera: So, let’s pretend all our princesses are going to a big party at the castle.

Chloe: Yeah, and they have to get ready.

Riley: Can my baby go to the party, too?

Sofia: Sorry, Riley. She’s too little. Maybe you can go play with Luna and Joy?

Riley: Can I help?

Joy: Sorry, Riley, you’re too little to do this puzzle.

Luna: Yeah, sorry, Riley, but it’s only for big kids like us. We’ll play with you tomorrow, okay?

Michael: Just ignore her, Theo. Maybe she’ll just go away.

Michael: Oh, all right…you can play cars with me and Theo, Riley.

Michael: Here, this red car is your size. Okay, Theo, watch out! My car is chasing your truck. You have to get away quick!

Riley: Zoom, zoom, zoom.

Michael: Sigh…

Michael: Hold onto him tight, Riley. Theo gets scared if you let him fall off.

Riley: I won’t let him fall. Vroom, vroom.

Me: Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

10 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. This was so sweet! It’s so hard to make friends and to fit in. But when you do find that person……oh sweet friendship!

  2. c’est ravissant et bien vrai… Riley a trouvé quelqu’un pour jouer ! c’est toujours difficile de trouver sa place…
    elle est tellement mignonne avec ses petits plis sur ses bras de bébé… Touchante de fragilité.
    c’est beau, des enfants qui s’entendent…

    • Sometimes it is hard to watch when your own child is left out, and when they do make a friend, you just hope and pray it will be a long lasting one. Hope your week will be a good one.

    • Funny isn’t it, when Michael complained the most! Hope all is well with you, Edwige, and that the week coming will be a good one for you.


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