A Mystery

It started out just like every other day – we had breakfast, did our school work, and then went our separate ways to play, but that’s when we started to notice some odd things happening around the house…

Chloe noticed it first…She found a strange kitten in a basket next to a bucket full of books in the living room. She couldn’t figure out where they all came from.

Then Joy and I found dirty dishes at our table, but everyone insisted they had already cleaned up their breakfast dishes.

Sofia went to get the waste bin out of the cupboard, and a pair of sandals fell out. They weren’t our size at all.

The final straw was when Michael took a bathroom break from playing cars with Theo. When he got back, the cars were crashed, and his teddy was nowhere in sight!

He was so upset, we all agreed to help him look for Theo. We tried everywhere, but we couldn’t find Theo!

It was Sofia, finally, who discovered something unusual in Michael’s room. In the middle of his bed, there was a big lump that wasn’t supposed to be there. We all ran over to see if it was Theo hiding under the covers, but…

When Sofia pulled back the covers, it wasn’t just Theo under there!

Our mystery was solved! Welcome Riley.

14 thoughts on “A Mystery”

    • Thank you, Chantal. Little Riley is already making herself at home, although Michael keeps asking why we had to invite another girl to join us! Hope your day will be a good one, too. It is rainy and damp here, so it is an indoor sort of day here.

  1. que c’est joli et touchant, ces histoires…
    Comme dans la vie !
    Et Riley a du être heureuse de l’accueil car on a toujours un peu peur de l’endroit ou on va arriver…
    merci, ma chère Cynthia…

    • Yes, I think that is why Riley hid for so long – she was frightened of how the others would receive her. I am sure though, that everyone will love each other fully.

  2. Comme c’est mignon!!!! très belle arrivée que celle de cette petite Riley….Bonne journée…Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : How cute!!!! very nice arrival that that of this little Riley …. Have a nice day … Fanfan

    • Thank you, Fanfan. I think Riley will be very happy living here with us. She is a little shy, but already, she is asking what kinds of adventures do we have.
      Merci, Fanfan. Je pense que Riley sera très heureuse de vivre ici avec nous. Elle est un peu timide, mais déjà, elle se demande quel genre d’aventures avons-nous. (Google translation)

    • Thank you, Pat. It is sweet to hear that you enjoy our small adventures. Sometimes, we wonder if anyone will! We just keep going in the hope that it is so. I am looking forward to my cast being off soon, so it will be a little easier to photograph the kids, and make some new patterns.

    • Merci Edwige. J’espère que vous êtes à la maison maintenant. Riley est ravie de se joindre à nous en tant que petite sœur. (Google translation)


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