Another Covid Calamity!

On Tuesday, Mommy took Granny for a medical appointment, and after, on their way back to the car, they had to walk along a narrow sidewalk. Granny has a walker, and other people were trying to pass by, too, so Mommy stepped off the sidewalk onto the grass to help with social distancing. Only her foot slipped and twisted in some mud, and she fell really hard in the grass. Right away, her wrist and hand started to swell.

Mommy went to the hospital and the doctor said her wrist was broken!

The doctor put on a temporary cast, and then Mommy had to go back to the hospital’s fracture clinic on Thursday to get a permanent cast. Only, the doctor said she was not allowed to drive with a cast on.

I wanted to go, too, so Mommy wouldn’t have to be alone. Auntie R. – yay for Auntie R.! – came to get us. We waited for her in the lobby with all our library books, because we won’t be able to go to the library for five or six weeks now. Auntie is going to return our books for us. When she came, we went on the highway because the hospital is out near where Granny lives because that is where Mommy fell and broke her wrist.

When we got to the hospital, because of Covid, they said, “No Visitors Allowed!” Auntie R. had to go wait for a long time in the car – poor Auntie. She said she didn’t mind, but we felt sorry for her. Because I am little, I was able to sneak in, inside Mommy’s pocket. No one saw me so at least Mommy didn’t have to go in all by

First we had to wait in the clinic for someone to let us in, and then we had to wait to see the doctor. Everyone was friendly, but very busy. Waiting is so boring though.

I tried to see the break in Mommy’s wrist, but the x-ray didn’t make much sense to me. It’s a good thing doctors go to medical school so they can tell what’s what.

There was more waiting then while Mommy got her cast put on, and then had another x-ray taken to be sure the cast was on right.

After that, Auntie R. took us to the grocery store so Mommy could get a few things that would be easy to cook with one hand. And, Auntie surprised us with a whole bag of groceries she had gotten for us before she even came to take us to the hospital! Mommy said she feels very blessed to have Auntie as her sister/friend.

Mommy is frustrated because she won’t be able to visit and help Granny for five weeks (Thankfully, our cousins are going to help.), and she can’t do any of her crafting things. We all told Mommy not to worry. We would help her do things and pass the time until her casts comes off. She said, “Thank you.”

12 thoughts on “Another Covid Calamity!”

  1. pourquoi t’ont-ils mis un plâtre bleu ?
    tu es une fille, quand même ! il fallait qu’il te mettre un plâtre… rose, non ??
    Heureusement que Joy était là !
    les enfants sont précieux dans les moments difficiles…
    bon rétablissement !

    • I got blue because there was another very old lady there who had just gotten her cast in that colour. When I told her it was a pretty colour, she was so pleased, I figured I should get the same colour. She really liked that. Anyway, I think the pink would have been neon, which would have hurt my eyes for five weeks!

  2. Oh! c’est pas super en cette période ! ça m’est arrivée, une fois le droit (pause de broches – et orthèse) une fois le gauche (plâtre). Heureusement pas en même temps. Je suis droitière et j’ai trouvé que j’avais été plus handicapée quand c’était le poignet gauche. C’est là qu’on se rend compte l’utilité d’avoir 2 mains ! Dans tous les gestes de la vie quotidienne, tous !
    5 semaines de patience, mais aussi 5 semaines à trouver des petits trucs pour pouvoir “bricoler” et passer le temps.
    Bon courage ! au début le temps semblera long, mais comme on ne se laisse pas E…. on finit par trouver des petits trucs qui nous aident pour nos passions.
    Il vaut mieux un poignet cassé que la Covid !

    • I am so sorry to hear you had to go through this twice! I can not imagine that at all. You are right though, I am discovering ways to make it work, even though it is not a happy experience. You are also right – better than getting Covid! But, I do really miss my crafts. Happy Easter.

  3. Waouh!! ça c’est moche…j’espère que la douleur va vite passée et qu’il ,ne restera plus que la patience afin que cette fracture se remette correctement….afin de pouvoir reprendre tes activités normalement. Courage…Bonne journée Fanfan

    • Thank you. It is quite painful still, but I hope the pain will ease in a few days. One of the hardest parts is not being able to do my crafts – I was all set to make a crochet pattern for a Kruselings romper…


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