Can You Guess?

It is a cold, wet day here, so we are all stuck inside. Mommy let us all take turns using her computer to help pass the time. Only, she was sneaky about it! She set the computer up to take screenshots of what we were looking at! We were mad at first, but then she told us we were going to make a quiz out of the photos. So, here it is…can you guess whose screenshot is whose?

Welcome to your Can You Guess Who Likes What?

Who likes Thor?

Let's start with the easiest one!

Who is thinking about yarn?

So many yarn colours to choose from - oh my!

Who loves cats the most?

A Mommy and her sweet babies!

Who is most concerned about the environment?

Learning about recycling is super important!

Who has travel dreams?

Dreams of travelling are always delightful!

Who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina?

Another easy one if you have been keeping track!

So…how did you do?

6 thoughts on “Can You Guess?”

  1. It’s too much fun, this quiz. Since I was not home at the right time, I still wanted to participate.
    It’s not just Aunt Caroline who’s got it all, hihihihihi.


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