Vaccine Week

This week, Mommy qualified to get a Covid-19 vaccine. She phoned six pharmacies looking for one close enough to go to, but it wasn’t until she tried number seven that she could get an appointment. It was an hour and a half away by car, but Mommy decided to take it, because she wasn’t finding anything closer. We went on Monday. The pharmacy was in a big mall. I went with Mommy so she wouldn’t feel scared going all by herself. A guard at the door checked with us to see if we had any Covid symptoms before we could go into the mall.

We asked the guard for directions to the pharmacy, but his answer was a little hard to make sense of. Luckily, we went early so we had lots of time to look around for where we needed to go. The mall directory was easy to use, but I got hungry looking at it. Mommy refused to buy me anything to eat though. She said we had a lot healthier food at home. I didn’t say anything because if someone is going to have a needle stuck in them soon, they are very brave, and deserve everyone else being nice to them before it happens.

Once we found the place we had to go, we were still kind of early, so we waited in the mall for a bit. It was kind of fun at first. I saw all kinds of people going by. They all wore different kinds of masks so I liked checking out the materials and designs on them all.

But, after a while, it got really boring! Not many people kept coming down the aisle where we were, and the ones who did, kept staring at me! I didn’t like that at all!

Finally, Mommy said it was time to go in. Mommy took my picture first in front of the pharmacy so we would remember this day always. I was just glad it wasn’t me getting the needle. I wouldn’t want to remember that at all, but Mommy likes different memories from me, I guess. Big people are hard to figure out sometimes.

Mommy had to fill out all kinds of forms before she could get her needle. She had to prove who she was, and how old she was, and that she wasn’t already sick. The lady who gave her the needle had to dress up in a mask and gloves and a smock and a face shield, too – she looked pretty hot in all those clothes.

Mommy got her needle in a tiny room beside the cash register. Then, we had to stay in the store for another fifteen minutes before we got a paper saying Mommy had gotten her first vaccine shot. We weren’t allowed to sit in the waiting area though because we had to social distance. We went and looked at magazines while we waited.

After our time was up, we drove back home. It took all afternoon to get Mommy’s vaccine. Later, her arm got really sore, and she had headaches for two days. She also got short of breath if she did much, so the next few days were pretty quiet ones for us.

On Wednesday, Mommy took Granny to the hospital for her vaccine. None of us went with them because only two people were allowed in the hospital at a time. Mommy said the hospital was very organized, but still, Granny got really tired out because there was a lot of walking to get around the clinic. Granny was luckier than Mommy. She just got tired the first day, and her arm only hurt a little bit the next day.

We are all just happy that Mommy and Granny were able to get their first shots. We are hoping our sister and our friends can all get their vaccinations soon, too!

While Mommy was home not feeling too great after her vaccine, she worked on knitting clothes for our new baby sister, Taffy, and our big sister, Rié. Taffy’s outfit is from a very old knitting pattern Mommy found from a store on Etsy. Rié’s cape was also from an Etsy pattern, made by a designer named Olga, at SwishandSwirl.

Rié says she feels beautiful in her new cape! She saw the pattern online with Mommy a few weeks ago, and kept bugging and begging Mommy to buy it and make her the cape.

The only other thing that happened this week, was Mommy finished C.’s dollhouse rug, and mailed it to her. I can’t wait until Mommy starts building our house so we can get our own rugs for our bedrooms. She says we can pick our own colours and designs, and we will pull our names from a hat to see who goes first.

6 thoughts on “Vaccine Week”

  1. Beaucoup de péripéties pour ton vaccin…tu as souffert..pas marrant, pour ma part je l’ai fait à l’hôpital et je fais le rappel mardi mais pour le premier je n’ai rien senti….
    tes tricots sont bien jolis..J’aime aussi beaucoup la cape de Rié et le tapis que tu as terminé est vraiment bien joli lui aussi les poupées de C seront contentes….
    Bonne soirée Fanfan ….traduit avec Google :
    Lots of ups and downs for your vaccine … you suffered … not funny, for my part I did it at the hospital and I call back on Tuesday but for the first one I didn’t feel anything ….
    your knits are very pretty .. I also really like Rié’s cape and the rug that you finished is really nice too, C’s dolls will be happy ….
    Good evening Fanfan

    • I have many allergies, so it was no surprise that I felt some side effects. I am glad you didn’t, and my mother didn’t really either.
      We fell in love with the cape pattern as soon as we saw it. I am glad I bought the pattern because I know I will make it again. I can’t wait to see the rug in C.’s dollhouse! Then, it will feel like it is really finished…Stay well, Fanfan.


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