While the Kids Play…

While the kids have been caught up in their various activities, I have been working on a rug for my friend’s dollhouse. C. sent me a photo of the wallpaper for the room the rug will go into.

I chose colours to use in the rug that I hoped would go with the wallpaper.

Then, a few of my little ones helped me design the rug, and I got started cross stitching.

The rug isn’t quite finished yet, but it is getting there. I love watching how these little rugs evolve when I am busy stitching them.

14 thoughts on “While the Kids Play…”

  1. c’est vrai ! ils ont tous une vraie beauté… Ce petit tapis… c’est beaucoup d’amitié… et lorsqu’il sera dans la maison (de poupée) il aura vraiment une belle place et c’est ce qui fera “l’âme” de la maison… oui, ce serait formidable de voir ou il sera placé !! il est magnifique… et on voit bien sa taille… à côté de la demoiselle de 21 cm !!!

    • It looks even better now as I have done the back stitching that brings out the details, but…no more pictures until I have finished the edging! It will be wonderful to see it in the kid’s house. Hope your day is great.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I will ask my friend if she will let me post a photo of her room in her dollhouse when she gets the rug! It will be a while yet though, as the rug is not finished. Hope your day will be a great one, too.


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