The Cosmic Universe

In the Cosmic Universe, there are many superheroes, but none are so revered as this tiny trio of fearless defenders of good against evil!

Afraid of no man or alien, no matter how big or how small, they fight on to protect our world from the evil that roams throughout the universe.

SuperMichael’s encounter with the Cat From Outerspace is legendary…

No one will ever forget how he tamed the cosmic beast and turned her into a loving household pet.

And, SuperChloe is no slouch either – her captures of alien creatures number in the thousands!

Together, the fearless trio continuously dive into danger, with no regard for their own safety. Their thoughts – only to protect the world!

After melting the evil alien from Planet Zookaby, you would think they would crave rest and relaxation, but no…

Ever vigilant, our fearless trio hone in on a group of unsuspecting alien creatures…

SuperTheo has broken their evil plot to pieces, but the aliens are incensed!

Will our fearless Superheroes survive? Maybe…but, only if they can run fast enough!

8 thoughts on “The Cosmic Universe”

  1. ah ! oui ! je me suis bien amusée ! les enfants sont des terreurs et c’est vrai que leurs jeux… ne conviennent pas toujours à tout le monde !!!
    super tenues, les super héros !!
    merci pour le récréation !!!


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