The Troubles with Water

Two weeks ago, we woke up one morning to find we had no water in our home! We heard a lot of noise from outside. When we went to look, there were all kinds of trucks on the street below our window. A water main pipe had broken. It took two days for the work people to find where the repair needed to be done, and to get our water fixed! We were so relieved when the water finally came back on, that we even fought over who would get a bath first, and usually, you know, we fight over who has to have a bath first.

The next week, we were told the water repairs had not been totally successful, so we would have no water again for a whole night and day while it got repaired again. At least, we knew in time to fill our bathtub and sinks before the water got shut off that time. Still, it was no fun having no water. Every time we went to the bathroom, we had to fill the back of the toilet with water. It took a lot of jugs to fill it, and the jugs were heavy.

Tonight, the work people are trying again to fix the pipe. Water has been leaking slowly all over the street throughout this past week. They are going to try and fix it without shutting the water off, but they also said we should fill our bathtubs and sinks just in case. If they have to shut it off, we will not have water for another night and day. What we have learned from all of this is, that having water come from our taps is a real blessing. Mommy says we had just learned to take it for granted, so all the water troubles have been a good reminder for us to be thankful for what we have.

It was Mommy’s birthday this week, but the weather was gloomy and our microwave oven died. Mommy said she did not feel very celebratory, but we still had a little celebration of white chocolate with her. What made the whole week much better though, was a new cousin arrived! He does not live near us, but we got to see his photo because his Granny sent it to us. Michael is especially thrilled that the new cousin is a boy!

4 thoughts on “The Troubles with Water”

  1. bienvenue au joli bébé ! je pense que vous devez tricoter quelque chose pour lui? attention à la taille !!! ne pas se tromper avec les dimensions de vos enfants… !!! quand on tricote pour un bébé, je trouve ça… immense et très long à tricoter !!!!!!!!!
    ici, notre eau arrive du puits… moins de problème d’acheminement ? pas sûr ! il y a la pompe qui fait monter l’eau… et qui est électrique ! quand il n’y a plus d’électricité… il n’y a plus d’eau !
    c’est vrai que “le ballet des camions” est amusant à regarder…

    • I used to knit for all the new babies, but I don’t any more, because there are so many of them in our family now, it is too hard to keep up! So, it is only the little babies and children who live with me that get the knitted clothes, now. Well water is always so fresh, but sometimes, when we used to live in a place with it, the well would run dry for a few days. We are just grateful really that we live in a place that has running water, whichever way it comes to us!

  2. So glad your water troubles are over! Yes, we take it for granted. We are spoiled and used to our comforts. Congratulations on the new baby cousin. He is a cutie!


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