All We’re Left With Are the Memories

Our last morning in PEI was rainy and wet, but even thought the weather wasn’t the greatest, PEI still looked beautiful.
The Charlottetown Airport is so small, you can watch the plane you are about to take, land, disembark its passengers, get cleaned and then, start to take on your luggage.
Even though we knew how beautiful Ontario is, too, it was still hard to come home after such a great trip…
One thing that was good though, Mommy brought a bit of PEI home with her. It’s been over a year and a half since we went on our trip, but every now and then, we can still turn over one of Mommy’s shoes, and see a tiny bit of PEI. Then, all our wonderful memories come flooding back!
There are two big questions in our house now: When Covid finally ends, where will Mommy go next? And secondly, who gets to go with her?!

4 thoughts on “All We’re Left With Are the Memories”

  1. qu’est-ce qu’ils sont mignons, tous les six, devant la carte…
    dis-leur de pousser leur maman à venir… avec eux tous !
    … en France !!!!!
    ils prendraient des notions de français, dégusteraient de bons plats français et feraient de belles visites… sans coûter un sou !!!
    bien amicalement , les 6 et leur maman !!!

    • That would be heavenly! They would all want French berets, and demand cafe au lait! The best part would be making new friends though. :). Can you imagine the nonsense so many kiddies would get into together?


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