Michael and Theo’s First Adventure

Mommy: Michael, what are you doing on the computer?

Michael: Nothing!

Mommy: Who was that at the door, Michael?

Michael: No one…

Mommy: What are you doing in there?

Michael: Nothing.

Wow, Theo! Isn’t this neat?!

You can drive better than them, Theo.

Mommy: MICHAEL! What’s this bill the Toy Store just sent me?!


4 thoughts on “Michael and Theo’s First Adventure”

  1. trop drôle ! et tellement jolie, ton histoire…
    les trois ici, commencent à râler de ne pas changer de vêtements et qu’ils ne leur arrivent jamais rien parce que personne ne les touche ! mais je dois finir les deux tricots commencés il y a longtemps… !!!! promis ! ça vient !!!

    • You are so funny! If they don’t get an adventure soon, they might make one of their own, and then “woe betide you!” I am going to design a sweater for them next in knit. They say, with the winter weather, they need new sweaters – so demanding…


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