Day Eighteen In PEI – Almost Over!

Today was train museum day so after breakfast, we headed back to Elmira.  The museum was composed of three buildings, with each showcasing different types of exhibits.  

Before we went in, we spent some time admiring some rose hips that had been planted next to the old train tracks, and which had begun to overgrow the tracks on one side.  They smelled heavenly.

When we went into the first of the three buildings, the exhibits were about the history of the railway’s construction in PEI, and about the many years it had serviced the island. It was interesting to see the old photographs and things people had used when the railway still ran. 

In the second building, an artist had donated a really gorgeous stained glass reproduction of the original station in Elmira.  There were also artifacts people used as they travelled on the trains, and many artifacts related to the running of the trains.

In the third building, there were shelves filled with train related things such as lanterns, model trains, mugs, books and magazines.  In the centre of the room was a huge model of Elmira and the rails throughout the area, in the heydays of train travel.  We loved the details of washing on the clotheslines, and especially the many ways the waters of PEI were made.  Our favourite part of the display was the huge sailing ship.

When we got home, Mommy spent some time packing in the afternoon, which was tricky because she had to figure out how to fit all the new stuff she had bought, which could have filled three suitcases, into the two suitcases she had brought to PEI with her!!

Later, we all went out to dinner at the Holy Cow restaurant, where the food was good, a local artist’s pictures were lovely, and Auntie S. and Mommy reminisced about all the adventures we had experienced.  The next day, we would have to go back to the airport in Charlottetown, and head home.  We were already missing PEI, even though we hadn’t left yet…

4 thoughts on “Day Eighteen In PEI – Almost Over!”

  1. retournez sur l’île du Prince Edward… c’est un endroit paradisiaque…
    Bonne année à vous et aux enfants !


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