A 2020 Retrospective

As 2021 rang in on New Year’s Eve, it got everyone thinking about last year, with all its highs and lows. The kiddies asked to share their favourite and least favourite things about 2020, so here we go…

Chloe: I really, really didn’t like when the Corona Virus started, and we all had to stay inside for so long. I missed going on adventures with Mommy and my brother and sisters. But I did love helping Mommy with some of her craft projects. Choosing colours and materials was fun because we could touch everything, and then Mommy would turn things into stuff like our beds, bedspreads, rugs, and lots and lots of clothes for us!

Pretending to be Marilyn Monroe was fun! Everyone said I looked just like her.

I know everyone thinks the bedspread Mommy made for them is the best, but mine really is the best one.

I was really proud when my design in the contest for Treasure’s cat scratcher won. Treasure still sleeps in it all the time.

Sofia: One of my favourite parts of 2020 was going to the library with Michael, and Heather, our favourite librarian, let us snoop around. We always got good books at the library. And, lots of the time, we got to go on the computers or play new games while we were there.

The worst part of 2020 was when Grandpa died. It made me really sad. I still miss him.

It was always fun to go to Auntie R. and Uncle P.’s house. I am hoping we can still go and use their exercise pad this year.

I really liked when Mommy made us new furniture and rugs. When we get our own house, it is going to be so beautiful!

Luna: The best part of last year was when we got Treasure. She is such a good kitty. The worst part of last year was when Joy got sick and couldn’t go school shopping with us. It’s not as much fun doing something when you know someone else isn’t having any fun.

Swimming in Auntie R.’s pool was so much fun! I can’t wait for summer so we can go swimming again.

It was great when Vera and I got to play with Auntie S.’s dollhouse, too. She didn’t even mind that we brought our dollies to play in her house.

One of my favourite things we did last year, was when Vera and I got to write some stories for Mommy’s blog. We’re good writers!

Michael: The best part was when Uncle P. let us play with his curling equipment. The girls weren’t any good, but I was a fantastic curler!

I didn’t like it when Heather, our favourite librarian, won when we had an argument. Just because we had a little disagreement doesn’t mean the grown ups are always right.

This motorcycle was super fast. Too bad, Mommy is such a worrywart and won’t let me get one of my own…

It’s always fun teasing my sisters. They sure can squawk!

I kind of liked helping Mommy pack up some of Grandpa’s stamps. I’m really strong.

Joy: I didn’t like it when it got so hot in the summer, although Auntie R.’s fan did help a lot.

It was fun doing things with my brother and sisters, especially when Sofia and I won this pillow fight with Michael.

Going on a trip in the car was always exciting last year, because it meant we were going somewhere far!

The car trip to Waterloo and St. Jacobs was terrific. Michael and I got to try out this huge bed.

Sometimes though, it was nice just to go with Mommy to the park, and have some time with just her and me alone.

Vera: I liked learning to cross stitch. Luna says I’m not very good at it, but Mommy says if I keep practising, I’ll get better. The worst part about last year was when I made a new friend that was so prickly, we couldn’t hug!

The other part of 2020 that was my favourite was all the new clothes we got, and Mommy sharing the patterns. It was especially fun when we got to see the outfits our new friends made from the patterns. Thank you for sharing.

Mommy: Thank you for sharing our adventures this past year. It has been an amazing time “meeting” new people. We sincerely hope you will all stick around with us for this new year of 2021. Happy New Year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “A 2020 Retrospective”

  1. ah ! oui, alors ! nous resterons ensemble pour 2021 !
    même loin, l’amitié est si bonne à partager…
    à bientôt !

    • Happy New Year! It’s been great getting to know you! Sharing the joy of doll collecting has been such a plus this year – can’t wait to keep sharing in this new year.

  2. Happy New Year! Despite 2020’s roller coaster ride with Covid, you all have had quite the adventure at home! Here’s to all the memories you’re going to make in 2021!


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