Christmas Memories in the Making

Christmas Eve was filled with excitement for the kids. It was hard to get them to bed. As you can imagine, they were so filled with thoughts of Santa Claus, treats and turkey, even after they went to bed, it took them forever to fall asleep!
After much tossing and turning, everyone finally succumbed to the sandman. While they slept, both Christmas and Santa came, with only Treasure awake to mark the two events.
What excitement in the morning!
Luna and Sofia discovered the dollhouse, while Joy and Vera found presents with their names on them. Chloe and Michael were so wrapped up in his new truck, they didn’t cotton on to what everyone else was busy discovering.
Soon, everyone settled down to open their gifts from Santa. The girls were super pleased to get a special dolly each, and Michael found a new best friend. He has already named his new teddy, Theodore, or Theo for short.
Finally there was only one more present from Santa left. This one was addressed to all of them. Luna and Joy did the honours, opening it while the others looked on.
How wonderful! Little crystal mice to play with!
Eventually, Joy noticed the table and chairs Mommy had got them for Christmas, and everyone rushed to try them out.
Happy Holidays! No matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope your special days have been filled with as much joy as our own have been.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Memories in the Making”

  1. Quelle imagination !!
    Cest super mignon et vraiment bien fait
    Merci pour ce petit spectacle.
    J’espère que vous aussi avez été gâté.
    Bonne journée
    Laurence Bayeux Normandie

    • Oh, I was – Santa brought me a lovely Cissy doll so that I can have fun sewing outfits for her. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season, too! Best wishes for the new year, also.


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