Michael’s Adventure

When we got up yesterday morning, a huge crane had appeared at the building across the street! It wasn’t there the night before, so we don’t know when it arrived, but it must have been really, really early, because we looked out the window just after eight o’clock. I watched for awhile with Michael, but it was just a lot of men standing around with the crane doing nothing. Mommy put out beads and wires to make decorations for the Christmas tree, so I left Michael to it.

I don’t know why he likes machines like that one, but he does. He didn’t even want to help us make the decorations, can you believe it? And with only five days to go until Christmas, too!

We started making an angel first, because Mommy said it would take the longest to make. She drew us an outline on an index card of the angel. While we cut it out, she drew us some arms for the angel. Joy got to glue the angel together in the back. Then, I got to glue the arms on.

While we were working on the angel, Michael was yelling at us to “come and see” the crane, but we said no, because cranes are boring.

We used beads and glass headed pins to make decorations for the tree. Mommy helped with the pliers to bend the pin wires, because she said it was a little too dangerous for us to do on our own.

We added wings to our angel, and then painted her. Mommy said angels in the Bible are all males, but we wanted a girl angel anyway. Mommy let us use some of her glitter to make her a collar and a halo. Isn’t she beautiful?!

Michael missed all the fun. Boys can be so silly.

He did come and help us try to put the angel on the tree though. In the end, Mommy had to do it for us.

So now, our house is ready for Christmas. We can’t want for Santa Claus to come and help us celebrate Baby Jesus’ birthday.

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