Day Seventeen in PEI

Our time in PEI was coming almost to an end, so we tried to make the most of our last chances to sight see. We went to a National Park in Greenwich where there were walking trails through the forestation and the sand dunes. There were three different walking trails to choose from. We chose the trail that led over the dunes to the beach.

The trail wound through woods and grasslands. All the trees, grasses, plants and sand dunes were beautiful. The wind made the grasses wave and dance all around us.

There were wooden boardwalks over the lake areas. The water was so clear, you could see right to the bottom at the shallow edges of the lake.

Everywhere we looked, there was something new to see. Auntie is a Master Gardener, so whenever we had questions about anything we saw, she knew all the answers. It was like having our own personal tour guide!

To get to the beach, we had to climb a hill over the sand dunes. It had some steps, but they were steep and the sand kept blowing over them, so they were awfully slippery.

But once we got over the hill, it was wonderful. The beach was long, and sunny, and the sand was warm and soft. We changed into our bathing suits right away. It was warm enough to walk and sit on the beach, even though the water was too cold to go swimming. We didn’t mind. There was plenty to do on the beach on such a gorgeous day!

First, we took a walk all along the water’s edge. The beach seemed to go on forever! Somebody who had come before us, had been drawing huge funny pictures in the sand, so we were laughing a lot on our walk.

Even the seagulls had left us funny things to see. When we had enough walking, Mommy and Auntie sat and stared at the ocean, while Vera and I made sandcastles.

While Mommy and Auntie were busy talking, I whispered to Vera that we should come back and hide on the beach on Tuesday, when we are supposed to fly back to Toronto. Then, Mommy and Auntie wouldn’t be able to get on the plane, because they would be too busy looking for us. I really wanted to stay a lot longer in PEI! Vera said I was being silly though, because Mommy and Auntie might just go home without us instead, and then what would we do? I know Mommy and Auntie would never leave us lost and alone, but it was such a scary thought, it made going home seem okay after all.

Still, we had a whole afternoon left to enjoy the sun and water, and we made sure we did!

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  1. So beautiful. Everything looks so clean. Looking forward to when we will be able to go on a vacation and do some sightseeing of our own. PEI is on the list!


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