In the “Nick” of Time

With only twelve days until Christmas, it was a relief to finish the girl’s dollhouse today!

There are pictures on the walls, and two dolls for the girls to play with.

Michael will not be left out. This truck, painted in green, will be under the tree for him on Christmas morning.

The two dolls were made from wires gleaned from garbage bag ties.
After shaping the bodies, felt was glued to the head frame pieces to add some dimension; then, embroidery floss was chosen to wrap the frames.
Here, the frames have been wrapped, from the heads down. The floss is held in place with white glue under each limb, placed before wrapping.
For hair, white glue was painted onto the dolls’ heads, and then the heads were dipped into a bowl of seed beads.
Extra beads were hand placed to fill in gaps like the one on the back of the doll’s head on the right.
Paint was used to cover the dolls’ faces so that a permanent marker could be used to draw the faces; then, simple dresses were cut, a back and a front each, and glued together onto each doll.
In the house, the living room got two pictures, with dark blue frames to accent the furniture.
The bathroom got a mirror above the sink.
The kitchen wall sports a framed painting above the staircase to the second floor.
Each of the bedrooms received a flower picture to brighten their walls.

It has been quite a bit of work, and a steep learning curve, what with never having made a house so tiny before, but it has been worth it. The girls are going to love their new dollhouse!

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