Decorating the Dollhouse

While the little ones were busy choosing the Advent calendar’s markers, I was also busy making linens and rugs for the Christmas dollhouse.

One would think that because the dollhouse is so small in size, the making of the crocheted items wouldn’t take long at all – not so!

It seems the smaller the item, the more the need for careful execution of stitches and use of colours.

All the windows now have white lace valences. Most of the other soft furnishings turned out as I wanted, but the living room sofa and chair were problematic. In the end, I went with sequins for the upholstery because my little girls love glitter, and nothing else worked well enough to please my critical eye.

This is the sequinned upholstery in the living room. It is hard to get a good photo because the sequins reflect light back to the camera, but the room looks pretty classy now.

A lacy tablecloth seemed appropriate for the dining room/study, making the room cozier and more inviting.

A yellow mat in the bathroom will help to keep feet warm on cold mornings.

This room is very hard to photograph because of the dark wallpaper, but in truth, the green bedspread, grey rug and white curtains brighten the room up tremendously.

The house is almost finished. I would like a few pictures or paintings on the walls, and then two dollies added for the kiddies to play with. I am still considering the best way to make the dollies…

4 thoughts on “Decorating the Dollhouse”

  1. c’est très bien ! de belles couleurs vives qui devraient plaire aux enfants !!
    elle est très amusante, cette maison…


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