Day Fifteen in PEI

We were tired of travelling around so much, so instead of going with Mommy and Auntie to drop Auntie off in the morning for her day of hiking, we slept in. When we got up, the sun was shining, and we took advantage of the big windows in our cottage, to sit in the sun’s warm rays and play “Go Fish.”
Mommy didn’t come back right away because she walked down to the bay to see the fisher boats. They were checking their mussel nets. Each fisher team has their own area in the water for their nets, and they have to check them regularly.
On the way back from the bay, Mommy took an extra walk to view the Catholic Church nearby. It has the biggest cemetery Mommy says she has ever seen. There are lots and lots of churches in PEI. No matter what denomination someone is, there is a church for them somewhere on the island!
Later, we went with Mommy to pick Auntie up in New Zealand. When you visit PEI, you can go to New Zealand, Toronto and the Arctic! We wondered what the other New Zealand looks like…

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