Day Fourteen in PEI

When we woke up, the Bay was mist covered. It looked like clouds had fallen from the sky.
We dropped Auntie off in Douglas again and then headed to Georgetown for some sightseeing. The Confederation Trail passes along the waterfront there. It was fun to walk beside the water on the wooden boardwalk where the railroad tracks used to be.
We imagined ourselves taking the train years ago. We wondered if the landscape would have been about the same, as most of the buildings looked very old, even though they were all freshly painted.
The sun made everything sparkle.
We learned a lot about the history of the area from old photographs and information boards the town had along this section of the trail.
Looking down on the ground was often as beautiful as looking off into the distance. We wanted to take this feather home, but Mommy convinced us to leave it for someone else to enjoy. We knew Auntie would be walking along this section of the trail later in the day so we hoped she would get to see it, too.
The town had a mixture of paved and dirt roads, which made it feel one minute as if we were in a forest, and then the next, when we turned a corner back onto a paved road, as if we were in a town again.
Lots of people had their boats out of the water because of Hurricane Dorian.
This old pump sat on someone’s lawn. We loved seeing it because our Grandpa had most likely been the person who sold it years ago, when he was the PEI salesperson for the company who made the pump.
After one more short walk along the waterfront, we headed back to St. Peter’s for a lunch break.
It had turned into such a warm day, we sat outside our cottage at the picnic table. It made our food taste better than usual.
When it got close to the time for Auntie to arrive, we walked over to meet her at the old train station, which is a mini museum and gift shop now.
We decided to walk along the trail a bit to meet Auntie. It was interesting to be on the other side of the Bay from our cottage, and see what things looked like up close.
Erosion is making some parts of the trail dangerous, but the government is trying to repair the damage as much as possible.
It is going to take quite awhile, but we were really glad to see that that the Confederation Trail is going to continue to be around for years to come.
Once we had met Auntie, we went for a treat of ice cream at a shop that had this really cool table.
We ended our day with another stunning view of the Bay. We know we would never tire of the beauty there, in PEI.

4 thoughts on “Day Fourteen in PEI”

  1. reposant… beau !
    ça fait du bien…
    merci… Edwige vient de m’envoyer une ravissante petite veste blanche… que j’étais bien incapable de crocheter !! on pense à vous…

    • What a sweet friend you have! I am working on Christmas gift making right now, so my dollies will not be getting new clothes for a bit, but their dollhouse is moving along nicely…Hope you are keeping well? We are in lockdown again, unfortunately.


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