The First Snowfall

We had our first snowfall of the season today. While the little ones admired the snow, I was able to get some more work done on the surprise Christmas dollhouse.

First up was wallpapering the rooms, and laying the flooring. Auntie S. contributed some of her left over wallpaper, and I raided my stash, too. Between the two of us, there were plenty of choices. Second up, was adding the stairs, windows and doors.

The windows all show views of the Group of Seven’s magnificent paintings, courtesy of a set of Canadian stamps found when we were going through Grandpa’s stamps this past fall.

The kitchen
The living room
The Study
The bathroom
A bedroom with a closet
The second bedroom

A few hours later, the little ones had barely moved. I guess it is time to make some winter outerwear, or I will have a mutiny on my hands, sooner than later!

8 thoughts on “The First Snowfall”

    • The next step is furniture, and then linens like curtains and towels. I am making it up as I go along so it will be a surprise for all of us seeing how everything turns out! Thanks for sharing our adventures with us.

  1. ici, nous ne voyons jamais la neige… c’est pourtant si joli !
    j’ai commenc√© la robe de chambre…
    plein d’amiti√©s !

    • Snow is very pretty, but I must admit, I am not much of a winter person, and tend to hibernate inside as much as possible when it gets too cold! I can’t wait to see your housecoat finished. Do you get a winter season at all?

  2. It’s beautiful to see the snow falling when you are warm !
    Your house is going to be very beautiful, but too small for all these little people !!! You will have to do a second one, hihihihi.
    Kind regards.

    • Well, there are plans for one their size, but it has to wait until my daughter finishes university, and doesn’t need her bedroom anymore! We want a BIG house with a bedroom for everyone!


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