Day Thirteen in PEI

Auntie walked the trail again today, so we were left to our own devices. Mommy took us all the way back to O’Leary, because there was a woman there who made smocked dresses to fit our 18″ sisters, and she had some ready to sell. Mommy was only going to purchase two, but when we got there, the store had six, and they were all so beautiful that even though we helped Mommy narrow them down, none of us could decide between these four. In the end, our sisters were lucky, and got all four of them, plus three other outfits!

We’re so jealous! Mommy says that maybe after Christmas, she will try to smock some dresses for us, but she hasn’t smocked anything for a really long time, so we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much.

We picked Auntie up in the funniest place today. It was called Douglas, but the whole town was only about five houses on one dirt road. We got to the end of the road so quickly, we had to turn around because we had missed the meeting place. Still, we got there before Auntie, so we were able to enjoy the beauty of the trail and the farmland for a bit, before she arrived.

When Auntie met us, she had bought Mommy a gift at one of the towns the trail went through. The gift was two coasters containing bits of colourful shells. Peter was so excited to see the shininess of the shells and coasters, he claimed one for himself to perch on.

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    • Smocking refers to very fine pleats being made and then embroidered together with designs that keep the pleats from separating. It can be used for many things like clothing, decorations, furnishings, etcetera. Smocking is exquisite when done well, like the PEI dressmaker’s creations!

  1. superbes, les robes à smocks ! on trouve de tout sur cette île !!
    surtout le meilleur… entre la laine et les tissus… je comprends que vous aimiez cet endroit… !!! bien amicalement

    • For crafts, PEI was amazing, and it was really a surprise to see the variety of crafts practiced there. I was thrilled to get the doll clothing. The craftsmanship is exquisite on them. It is the reason my goal now is to try smocking again, after a 30 year hiatus, to see if I can create some special clothing for my Kruselings and Sashas. I know I will never reach the level of craftsmanship of the PEI dressmaker, though!

  2. Bonjour de Normandie.
    Je vois que vous avez une grande famille.
    J’aime beaucoup ces poupées aussi mais celles Ue je préfère par-dessus tout sont les zwergnase.
    Je ralentis ma collection parce que je manque de place.
    Connaissez vous cette fabrication ?

    • Hello. I love that we doll collectors can connect from around the world! I do know of the Zwergnase dolls, and think them gorgeous. Unfortunately, they have always been out of my price range and difficult to get in Canada. The exchange rate to buy one elsewhere is prohibitive. Your collection must be fabulous!

    • Not until after Christmas as we are busy until then with other stuff, but the plan is to give it a try…maybe the fear of failure is really why we are putting if off though…oh my!


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