Day Twelve in PEI

It was a wet, windy, cold day to move out of our cottage in Cavendish. We wanted to take a picture with our friend Emily Cow, but the wind kept blowing us over! Auntie helped in the end so we got our picture, but we were all freezing by the time we were done.

We set off quite early for St. Peter’s Bay in Greenwich on the far side of the island. Of course, we got lost again. Mommy and Auntie are hopeless navigators.

One thing that is good though, is that everywhere you drive in PEI, even when the weather is bad, the views are beautiful.

The new cottage was pretty, with warm wood panelling and a big front window, from which we would be able to watch the birds and fishing boats while we were there.

It was too rainy to take an arrival picture, but Mommy took one of the cottage, the next day.

This is the cottage.
This was our view on a sunny day.

After we had unpacked and had a lunch break, we decided to visit a jewelry store we had read about.

Mommy managed to get us there without getting lost this time, so when we saw a bakery across the street from the store, Auntie said that since we had time, she wanted to go in.

We found this fisherman in the yard outside the bakery. The woman who owned the bakery said her husband, Richard Toms, was a sculptor, and he had made it from a wire frame and plaster. It was impressive! The details were so lifelike, it made us feel as if we were on the sea with the fisherman. We bet he would have had lots of stories to tell us about whales and storms at sea, if he could have spoken.

Here is another sculpture Mr. Toms made.
You can see how realistic the details are in this close up photo.

Back across the street, on the deck of Shoreline Designs, the jewellery store, we found a lighthouse just the perfect size for us. We played on it for a bit, and then we went into the store with Mommy and Auntie.

Inside, we met Peter and his wife, who own the store. Peter makes all the jewellery himself, and specializes in wire wrapped sea glass, gems and enamelled pieces. He taught himself how to make jewellery, and he has a real gift, Mommy and Auntie say. We agree. Everything he makes is beautiful.

Before he was a jeweller, he used to be in the navy, but he got seasick every day he was on the water. His wife said he lost twenty pounds on every voyage. Peter said it was the only way he could control his weight. They sure made us laugh with their stories!

Auntie fell in love with some big stone necklaces and a silver ring. Mommy loved a lot of the sea glass pieces, and did some Christmas shopping for family members and friends.

When Mommy was paying for her purchases, she saw a little silver beaver by the cash register. She asked if it was for sale because she liked it so much. Peter’s wife was serving Mommy, and she said she would ask her husband if he would sell it. When Peter came out of his workshop, he asked Mommy if she really liked it, and Mommy said she loved it because it was so sweetly made, and then Peter picked it up, and gave it to her! Mommy tried to protest and offer to pay for it, but he said he was happy to give it to someone who liked it as much as he did. Wow!

That’s little Peter sitting in front of some of the jewellery big Peter made and sold in his workshop. At our home, little Peter sits on Mommy’s dresser, and reminds her everyday of the kindness of big Peter from PEI. Mommy says it is one of her loveliest memories.

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  1. est-ce que je peux avoir une photo en gros plan du “petit Peter” ?
    quelles belles rencontres vous avez faites…
    merci de ce partage !


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