Day Eleven in PEI

It was an on and off rainy, drizzly sort of day, too cold to spend much time outdoors, although Auntie still did her day of hiking. The rest of us decided to visit the Green Gables Heritage site, where the MacNeil family home was situated, the house LM Montgomery used as the idea for her Anne of Green Gables house . Before she wrote the book, the shutters were not painted green, but a year after the book was published, so many tourists were visiting Green Gables, the MacNeil family painted the shutters to match Montgomery’s description of the fictional home.
Before getting to the MacNeil house, visitors to the Heritage site passed through a large museum dedicated to the history of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Part of the exhibits was this replica of Green Gables, made entirely from Lego. It was the best part of the whole museum! Vera and I looked it over for almost an hour, until Mommy said we really had to move on.
There were lots of photos of Montgomery at various ages.
We had never seen these first two photos.
Mommy told us that pearls were considered very fashionable and sophisticated by the time Montgomery wore them for this photo.

We learned that Montgomery wrote extensive outlines of her books, and then wrote all her manuscripts in cursive writing. She only typed the final copy when she was ready to submit it to her publisher. She bought this typewriter in 1906, and it is thought she likely typed her final copy of Anne of Green Gables on it.
We loved this wall of Anne of Green Gables books which were translations from all around the world! We also loved this silhouette of Anne dancing. Imagine, Anne has. captured the fancy of readers for more than a hundred years!

We started out to see the Green Gables house, but a downpour started so we chose to take a rest for a bit in the old barn.
LM Montgomery would have ridden in this buggy around Cavendish. She would have gotten awfully wet on a day like this one!
When the rain let up some, we ventured out to the gardens. We wanted to walk some of the forest trails on the Heritage site, but Dorian had caused so much damage, all the trails were closed.
We had to be content with the gardens surrounding the Green Gables house. Even though it was fall, they were still beautiful.
If it had not been raining, we would have spent some time sitting here admiring the flowers and trees.
Inside Green Gables, the displays were set up to look as if the family had just stepped out for a moment.
The rooms were quite small, and it was interesting to see how they were furnished.
We wondered if Montgomery knew how to use a spinning wheel?
This was the entrance to the storm shelter at one time. It is not in use now, which I was glad about, because Vera wanted to go in, but I thought it too creepy looking. I was very relieved it was out of bounds.
After we picked up Auntie from her hike, we got lost going home again. We ended up driving all along the Gulf Shore coast, which was absolutely gorgeous though. Auntie waited patiently for us when we came across this lighthouse, and stopped the car to take some photos.
This was our last night in Cavendish. The rain stopped after dinner, so Vera and I spent time reading and admiring the ocean views one last time from the deck of our cottage. We were excited about moving on to St. Peters, but kind of sad too, because it meant we were nearing the end of our PEI trip.

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  1. merci de cette belle aventure !
    Bien sûr que j’aurai aimé être l’une de vos petites filles.. pour regarder tout ça… !!!
    ce qui me plait, c’est que vous avez chacun votre caractère et qu’ils sont respectés…
    bien amicalement !

  2. Oh, thank you again for this beautiful and especially interesting page on Prince Edward Island. I love the intervention of your two little ones. Well done.


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