Thinking Ahead

Christmas is only a little over a month and a half away, so naturally, at our house, lists are already being written. But as everyone knows, Santa can not bring everything asked for and Mommies and Daddies have to do their part, too. So, while the little ones are off playing, I thought I would share a Christmas surprise in the making.

The kids are going to get a dollhouse for Christmas. I found these six small gift boxes at the dollar store, and they looked to be a perfect size for the project.
I cut off all the back flaps before making up each of the boxes. The decision to cut off the back flaps was made because the front closures made a smoother backing for the rooms.
I used painters tape to close the seams on the back of each box so the rooms would not come open or have gaps between their walls; then, because the boxes are made from a fairly thin cardboard, I decided to reinforce each wall with a thicker cardboard square cut to fit.
I started with the back wall first, and then added each side wall, trimming as needed for the squares to fit. The reinforcements worked well.

The rooms are sturdy enough to hang things on the walls and decorate with some furniture.
Each room is getting a few coats of acrylic paint inside and around the edges. Here, the boxes have just had their first coats of paint. I could not get new paint colours because of supply issues at the craft store, due to Covid-19, so I am just using colours left over from other projects. Later, some of the rooms will get wallpaper to accent the paint colours. The next step is to build a frame for the boxes to fit two boxes wide and three boxes high. Then, I will glue the boxes together within the frame, to help square them up. We will see how that goes…

2 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead”

  1. génial idée !
    comme c’est amusant de suivre le projet !
    je voudrai savoir ou sera l’escalier pour aller du second au troisième étage ???
    à moins qu’elles aient des ailes ? (lol)
    bien amicalement !!

    • Not sure about the stairs yet – I am “winging” it as I go along. I am thinking against a side or back wall, with fake landings. I think it would be too difficult to cut actual landings inside the boxes. I kind of like the “wings” idea…might be easier, ha ha ha!


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