Day Ten in PEI

We all went to Charlottetown to see Anne and Gilbert the Musical.  We left quite early so we could do a “Secrets of Charlottetown” walking tour, and we left early for that, too, because we were still getting lost a lot as we drove around.  

When we got to Charlottetown, we thought we would visit the tourist information office first.  There was a lovely clock on the corner beside the building.  Under the clock was a little mouse so we had our picture taken with him.  He was quite friendly, and directed us to the tourist office door.  But…apparently there are no tourists on Saturday and Sundays in Charlottetown!

We were early for our tour so we walked around a little bit, and came across an old fire engine brought out for the day by the fire department.  We even got to meet their fire station Dalmatian.  We were hoping the fire fighters would ring the old fire bell, but it stayed silent. That was a little disappointing…

Our tour guide, Jessica, met us in front of a pub.  She was a local romance author who writes in the winters and guides tours in the summers. 

She took us to see various buildings around the town that had bootlegger, or ghost, or just funny stories attached to them. 

She was a good storyteller, and she made us laugh a lot.

There was a huge cruise ship in the harbour. We had never seen anything like it before! We wondered if we would get sea sick if we went on a cruise?

We were sorry when the tour ended, but Auntie suggested an ice cream stop at a store called “Cows,” before we went to the play. Mommy had PEI blueberry and Auntie had PEI strawberry.  We just had a little of theirs because the scoops of ice cream were soooooo big. Yummy!

Here is a house from our ghost tour that we thought definitely looked haunted!

The musical was in a small theatre, where the stage was only about four feet away from the audience.  The music was excellent, and the play was staged amazingly.  It was a delightful production. We were all sorry to see it end.

Charlottetown is a pretty city.

There were so many things to see, we could have spent more time there easily.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant where the food was absolutely delicious.

As we walked to our car to head back to Cavendish, we met Sir John A. MacDonald, and stopped to have a chat with him.  He was pleased to hear how much we liked Prince Edward Island, and said he thought it one of the most beautiful places he had ever been.  Good talk.

6 thoughts on “Day Ten in PEI”

  1. Wow, it seems that PEI has quite a few of these iron statues scattered across the province. Makes for an interesting walk/tour. Does it say below each sculpture who made it?

  2. merci de ce beau voyage ! je ne le ferai jamais… mais là, je visite avec vous et c’est merveilleux !
    bien amicalement

  3. You really make me want to visit this beautiful island !!! The statue of Sir John A. MacDonald is splendid.
    I really like these houses of different colors.
    Your little Kruselings are a lot of fun, did you make their cute coats ?

    • I highly recommend PEI – it is a beautiful place! I would love to go back sometime.
      Yes, I made the coats. The pattern is from a book I purchased on Amazon, called “Sewing for 9″ Tall Dolls” by MyKuteKruselings ISBN: 9781791770204. There are lovely patterns in the book, although I find the clothes quite tight and tend to add an extra 1/4″ seam allowance to the patterns to make a better fit for the dolls. The author also sells patterns on Etsy. The photo of Sir John A. and the girls is one of my favourites from the trip. Although he is taking a lot of criticism recently for his racist views, I imagine him being much more enlightened if he were alive now. We are all simply products of our times, I think!


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