Day Nine in PEI

Our new cottage in Cavendish had a big deck to sit on.
The view from the deck was peaceful. We sat outside a lot while we were at this cottage.

Auntie started her walk at Kensington, a station built in 1905.
The building is a pub now, but in the early days, it was a popular station stop on the railway line.
The author Lucy Maud Montgomery often waited for a train at this station. It is easy to imagine her, valise in hand, anticipating her journey.
She must have felt happy, too, whenever she arrived back home after a trip elsewhere.
Cavendish is Anne of Green Gables country, so while Auntie hiked, we went off to visit the Lucy Maud Montgomery Museum.
We learned that Montgomery wrote over 20 books, 500 stories and 500 poems.  Her books have been translated into just about every language, and they continue to be sold all over the world. 
Vera loved this old oil lamp in the parlour.
I liked this beautiful fireplace and mantel. That is LM Montgomery’s photograph on the wall.
Mommy, of course, loved seeing all the handmade quilts, rugs and clothing.
And, she spent a lot of time daydreaming about how Montgomery must have felt as she went about her everyday life, back in the day.
We were hoping to take a Matthew’s carriage ride, but there was a long wait, and it was quite expensive.
Mommy decided we should move on to visit the house Montgomery was born in, instead.
Mommy kept looking at all the rugs on the floors, exclaiming over their designs and beauty.
Mommy says that in the old days, working this old butter churn would have been our chore. I think I would have just stopped eating butter.
All of the signage in the house was translated into Japanese because apparently readers in Japan love Montgomery, and about half the visitors they get, have come all the way from Japan to do LM Montgomery tours here.
There was even a set of Manga stamps on display that were made and issued at some point, in Japan, to commemorate the Anne of Green Gables books.
This is our favourite room in the whole house.
Look at all those lovely toys!
Back at our cottage, Mommy went for a walk on the beach.  The stairs leading down to the beach were all pulled up on land because of the Dorian storm.  The only way down was by a cliff ledge that was sort of step like (which Mommy said seemed reasonable on the way down, but not so much on the way back up).  The waves were very strong.  There were a lot of seagulls enjoying the water, and quite a few people looking for sea glass.  Mommy collected some more shells.  She said she would not take us down to the beach, because the climb was too dangerous. She did say though, that we could walk along the cliff edge anytime we wanted a good view of the water, and that there were picnic tables on the cliff top where we could sit to have a picnic while we looked at the waves.  Yay!

6 thoughts on “Day Nine in PEI”

  1. Thank you very much for your beautiful photos of a beautiful trip which must have been wonderful.
    I didn’t know “Anne of the Green Gables” and just watched some videos on Youtub, it’s so cute.

    • It is well known in Canada, and because PEI was Montgomery’s birthplace and also the setting for her most of her writing, there is a large tourism industry built around Anne of Green Gables there. You will hear more about her story as we continue the retelling of our adventures in PEI!

    • We bought a lovely new edition of the book when we were at the museum, which Mommy has been reading to us. It is such fun to hear of all Anne’s adventures.


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