Warm and Toasty

The heatwave has ended, and we are back to true fall weather so we were really grateful this week that Mommy finished our housecoats for all of us. Michael still doesn’t have one yet, but he says he isn’t cold yet, either. It is probably because he is always in movement mode…

I went to visit Auntie R. on Friday. She said she had some pumpkins, and we could choose one for our Thanksgiving table.

No one else got to come because I was the only one who had finished all my homework. Don’t tell the others, but it was kind of nice to have an outing on my own.

I chose this pumpkin on the end. It will look great on our table, don’t you think?

Auntie loves to decorate for the seasons and special holidays. Our Thanksgiving is next weekend so she has lots of things out to remind us to be thankful and care for everyone.
She adopted this baby owlet because she found him lost outside in her yard. When he gets big enough, we’re going to help her release him back into the wild. That’s something to be thankful for!
I know this pinecone isn’t real, but it is beautiful when it is lit up. I am thankful for such pretty things existing, to help brighten up our world.

These are some new friends I made at Auntie’s house. It’s always good to have friends to help you through the hard times, and to celebrate the good times with you.

I love Auntie, but sometimes she makes weird choices about what to put out for decoration. This statue is so, so, so embarrassing!

Auntie’s Daddy grew these tomatoes in his garden. They are the biggest tomatoes I’ve ever seen. They sure are a good reminder to be thankful for having enough to eat every day.
I am thankful for the leaves turning colour, and also, all the lovely colours nature provides in all the different seasons.
I think that sometimes we forget to be thankful for the ordinary things in our lives. The extraordinary things seem better when they are taking place, but it is the everyday things that keep us happiest overall.

When I got home, I asked everyone what they were thankful for today.

Luna is thankful she and Vera got to go to PEI last fall.

Michael is thankful we had spaghetti for dinner tonight.

Vera is thankful to have so many brothers and sisters.

Sofia is thankful for our pets, little Treasure, and big Verity and Callie.

Chloe is thankful for being able to draw and do other crafts.

I am thankful that my family and friends are doing their best to be safe during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Mommy is thankful for the love of our family and friends.

We are all thankful that you take the time to share our adventures with us.

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