Day Five in PEI

Auntie went back to walking her trail on Day Five. A lot of places on the island still didn’t have electricity, so we drove around to see what was open and what was closed. We saw many, many downed trees, with their root balls torn right out of the ground. Lots of houses had lost shingles from their roofs.

Mommy and Auntie had bought tickets to see an Elvis impersonator, but Dorian cancelled the show. We drove to Alberton to return the tickets, and then headed North to see an old lighthouse and the harbour.

(Mommy was really disappointed about not seeing the Elvis impersonator – she thought it would have been great fun! It is still on her bucket list, she says.)
We liked the way the ocean made patterns of seaweed on the wharf.
The pier looked a little like a country street.
There were herons and cormorants everywhere.
There was an old rescue station that had been turned into a museum to tell about all the storms and rescues that had taken place on this part of the coastline.
There was a huge anchor from a sunken ship right in the middle of the station. It made us wonder who made it, and how did they get it onto the ship? It must have weighed tons and tons!
See how big that anchor was!

You had to look up high to see the birds sometimes.

The lighthouse was old, and closed up, but it was still fun to see. We liked scuffing our feet in the red dirt which led up to it.
The boats at the marina were awesome.
There were a lot of them docked because of the storm.
Even though we had to drive around a lot that day because of all the after-storm detours, we did not mind, because PEI is just one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

We had trouble picking Auntie up after her day’s hike. Many roads were closed because of debris and downed electrical wires, and we could not get to where her trail ended. It took a while for us to figure out where to meet.

Auntie said her hiking had been tough, too, because parts of the trail were blocked by trees and debris. She had to climb over some of the felled trees. She said she was worried she would get in trouble because parts of the trail were marked “closed,” but she had to take them anyway to get to the end. She even met some construction workers who were clearing the debris on a closed trail part, but they were really nice, and just helped clear the way for her. That is one of the things we loved about being in PEI – everyone was so friendly and kind!

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  1. The pictures are beautiful. The blue sky in the first photo is so blue! Not a cloud in the sky. The anchor was huge! Loved the bench they built around it.

    • The sky just seems bluer around the ocean – I guess the light reflects off the ocean back to the sky, or something like that! Whatever the reason, it makes for a whole lot of beautiful…


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