A Visit From Auntie S.

Auntie S. came to visit us this week. She came on the train so we went to the station to pick her up. We had to wait for the train. Waiting is sooooo boring.
There were work people using a big crane behind the train tracks. I got to see the crane moving around. It moved very slowly, but I liked watching something so tall in the sky moving so gracefully.
I was really excited when the train arrived. It came in with bells ringing and a whooshing sound from the wheels.
The first thing we did was walk to the park in the centre of town. We found three huge redwood trees. Auntie says this species was thought to be extinct until a farmer in China found some in 1944. She said that seeds and saplings were brought to North America in 1945 to be planted here. I am glad, because they are beautiful trees.
Auntie says this is an unusual tree because it is an evergreen that actually loses its leaves in the winter.
I love the red bark!
We started to get kind of hungry so we went to the town square where there were some food places. Before Covid-19, there were a million tables and chairs in the square, but now there are just a few socially distanced chairs to sit in.
Auntie bought us some sandwiches, and we ate in the big red chairs. The food was good, but there were wasps flying all around. Mommy had to move chairs because two wasps kept flying in her face!

After our sandwiches, Auntie got a hankering for French Fries so I explored more of the square while she went to buy some. I found this massive chair. It was so big, Mommy wouldn’t have even been able to get into it to sit down. If she did try it, I just know she would never be able to get out of it again!

Auntie’s French Fries weren’t ready so I found some stairs outside the restaurant to sit on while I waited.
The colours and design on the chair are part of the city’s logo.
The sun was warm so I went exploring some more. This is part of a garden outside the French Fry restaurant. Isn’t it pretty?
I liked the flooring on the front stoop outside the shop. Mommy took a picture because I asked if she could make me a rug for my bedroom with the lattice design. She said she could try.

When we were walking back to our car, Auntie looked down an alleyway, and found this Pretzel store. It was the only store, and all the way at the end of the alley. Auntie has sharp eyes!

This is a rug we surprised Auntie with when we got home. It is based on a rug from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s home in PEI. Ours was a lot smaller though – just big enough for Auntie’s dollhouse.

Mommy used brighter colours though, so the rug would match the colours of Auntie’s dollhouse bedroom.
I love it when Auntie S. visits. It was hard to wave her off when I know it will be awhile before we see each other again. Oh well…there’s always e-mail and telephones.

We spent some time at our home talking and sharing craft stories with Auntie.

We showed off Mommy’s new fabric cupboard that Auntie R. and Uncle P. had given her.

We went walking in the park near our home, too. But before we knew it, Auntie S. had to catch the train home again.

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