Day Four in PEI

With no electricity for a whole night, the house was freezing when we all woke up! Mommy was really grateful for the warm woollen socks our favourite librarian H. had knit her as a retirement gift.

We decided to go out to see if we could find somewhere on the island that had electricity, and could offer us some hot food.

We drove along the Northern Coastal Drive looking for a place that was open. We drove around for about an hour, but there was no electricity anywhere. Finally, we found Shirley’s Cafe, where the owner had a generator going, and there was some hot food available.

Everything at the Cafe seemed to be fried in grease, but we did end up having some of the best French Fries ever. Auntie wanted coffee desperately, but mistakenly used the urn that served weak tea instead of coffee. What a disappointment for her!

The wind was terrible, and it was so, so cold out, but we decided to drive by the ocean on the way home to see the whitecaps on the water. They were magnificent!

The beaches had been blocked off so no one would get too close to the water, and possibly get swept away forever. Look at the size of those whitecaps!

The whitecaps made so much noise, we could hardly talk to each other and be heard.

When we got back to the house, Auntie texted our landlord because we did not have enough water to flush the toilet, and it was still freezing both inside and outside of the house. The landlord sent her property manager over, and he was kind. He brought us a big bucket of water, and left the bucket with us so we could refill it from the puddles in the backyard. It was not a problem because Dorian had brought so much rain, the puddles were huge and deep.

The electricity did not come back on until after 9:30 that night, so we spent another evening huddled in our blankets, before going to bed early again. It was okay because the cold made us tired anyway, but we were sure glad when we heard the furnace start up that night!

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    • Well, we are still having a few warmer days, but we have had some days of temperatures of only 14-15 celsius – definitely an indication of fall coming! That’s okay though, because we like when the leaves change colour, and we are getting our warmer clothes ready. We hope you are enjoying your beautiful days!


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