Day Three in PEI

On Day Three, we woke to a drizzling cold rain. Auntie wanted to walk some of the trail even with the wet weather so we donned our rain boots and coats, and drove her to her starting point. Mommy decided it was good day to stay close to home in case Auntie found it too wet to continue as far as she hoped, and had to get picked up early.
We did stop on our way back at The Fabric Crafts N’ More and The Quilt Gallery in O”Leary. It is a huge quilting and crafts store on the Main Street. Mommy bought some fabric to add to her stash at home. She let us help her pick out some of our favourites. She said she would make us some new clothes over the winter. It was really hard to choose because the store had so many fabric bolts of different colours and styles. We were pretty sure though that Mommy would end up there again, so we weren’t too worried about getting everything we liked this first trip around!

We stayed home and read our books while Mommy cross-stitched. Outside, Dorian was starting to show himself. The wind was picking up, and the sky was dark throughout the day.

It was quiet in the house, but we worried about Auntie out in all the rain. We were relieved when she phoned and asked us to pick her up.

We had all agreed a rainy day was a good day for eating dinner out at The Potato Museum in O’Leary, but when we got there, it was to find that the museum was closing early because of Hurricane Dorian coming in. The museum wanted time for all its staff and customers to get home safely.

We headed back to our house, and made ourselves chicken casserole on rice. Before too long, the power went out. The house started to get cold quickly.

We ended up huddling in blankets, playing Scrabble, until it got so dark it was hard to see even with our candles. We went to bed hoping for electricity, heat and an end to Dorian, sooner than later.

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    • It is fun to think of you so far away, and yet so close through our sharing of adventures! PEI has been our biggest one so far, but we enjoy our everyday ones, too. Thank you for participating in our little adventures. 🙂


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