Treasure’s Cat Scratcher

We started to build Treasure’s cat scratcher today. First, we measured Treasure to see how big she was. Then, we figured out how big we wanted the cat scratcher to be.

We drew up our cutting templates on graph paper, and Mommy used an x-acto knife to cut the pieces we needed from our leftover 1/4″ foam board. We aren’t allowed to use the knife because it is way too sharp for kids to use!

We glued the walls to the base, and used pins to add strength to our structure. Treasure wanted to try out the first floor before we even had the roof on it! She sure is excited about getting her new scratcher.
Making the roof was hard. Mommy had to help us get it to slant just right. Treasure kept getting in the way, too.

To make the back wall for the scratcher’s second floor, Mommy cut out a triangle shape first, and then trimmed the corners to fit against the walls properly.
For the front wall of the second floor, Mommy made the triangle bigger, and only trimmed the top corner. Then, she cut a hole for Treasure to get in and out of the house.
After we finished the house part, I wrapped the poles for the scratcher with rope for Treasure to scratch her claws on.
We glued the house part to a bigger base. For the final touches today, we glued platforms to the scratching poles, and left them to dry. Then, we put screws in place to hold the poles upright after all our glue dries. Tomorrow, we are going to paint the main structure, and then glue the screws to the inside of the poles. We’ll show you the scratcher when we finish painting it. I think Treasure is going to love having a new place to do her scratching, and Mommy will be happy if she leaves the rest of our furniture alone.

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    • We are just looking for the right material for the bed parts now. Then it will be finished. Treasure keeps jumping in anyway because she is so impatient to use it.


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