Day Two in PEI

We started Day Two by getting lost soon after we left the house for the Confederation Trail. Our PEI maps had numbers for the highways and some streets, but we discovered that the actual roads often had totally different names. We were trying to read out the turn offs and roads for Mommy and Auntie, but nothing made sense. Finally, Mommy used her map app on her phone, and we managed to find our way in time for Auntie to still do her day’s walk. Here we are waving her off at the very beginning of the trail in Tignish.
While Auntie walked, we went sight seeing. Our first stop was this beautiful church built in 1859.
The steeple on St. Simon and St. Jude’s Church was really tall!

There were four doors, one on each side of the building.
We went around and around the church, trying to find the door that would let us in. These are the front doors, but the only door that ended up being open was a short one at the back that led into a small room behind the pulpit.
The church was amazingly beautiful! It had so many stained glass windows, stars on the ceiling, lots of statues, and rows and rows of warm wooden pews.

This was one of our favourite windows. The sun coming through, made waves of colour across the floor.

This statue is right by the door we came in.
Auntie said these pictures are called the “Stations of the Cross.” They surrounded the church on three sides.
The church was huge. Mommy let me take this picture from the back of the room.
The pipe organ at the back of the church is one of only four left like it in Canada.
We stayed inside a long time just looking around and then contemplating the mysteries of the heavens.

The stars made everything seem quiet and magnificent.
Outside, there were gardens with a grotto, where angels watched over memorials to the soldiers who died in the two world wars.
We spent the rest of our day in Alberton, where we ate yummy sandwiches from the bakery, and toured a museum featuring exhibits about the surrounding area. We were not allowed to take pictures in the museum, but Alberton was lovely to tour, and we spent time talking to some local old timers who knew everyone, including “Stompin’ Tom,” from when he used to play there. Our final stop for the day was at the old train station in Alberton.
The train station marked one leg of the Confederation Trail for Auntie. It was drizzly by the time we got there, so we waited under the roof of a picnic table area. Auntie walked 21 km in just one day! Wow! She looked really tired. We headed back to our house in O”Leary, but we had to stop at the grocery and hardware stores, because Hurricane Dorian was on his way. We bought lots of food, candles and matches, just in case.

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