Last Year

We have not started building Treasure’s cat scratcher yet, but we did pull out our photo albums this week. It reminded us of last August, right after Mommy had retired. Auntie S. and Mommy were preparing for a trip to Prince Edward Island, where Auntie planned to walk the Confederation Trail – the whole trail from one end of the island to the other – all 273 km!

After a lot of discussion, it was decided that Luna and I would go with Mommy to do some sight seeing while Auntie walked the trail.
Mommy made us some new clothes for the trip. These are some of our favourites.
Can you tell we like the colour green?
It was really hard to decide what to bring with us. Our stuffies, of course, had to go, as well as our favourite books, but we had to be careful choosing other things because the airlines weigh everything carefully, and Mommy had stuff to bring, too.
In the end, we chose a few toys for playing with in the evenings, our bathing suits and lots of clothes for different weather, because in September, the weather can change from sunny and warm, to cold and blustery, on any given day – especially in the Maritime provinces which are so close to the ocean.

Auntie’s plan was to start the trail at the beginning, in Tignish, and end in Elmira, about three weeks later. That meant we would get to see just about the whole of the Island. We hoped to see the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, and the places of inspiration for her Anne of Green Gables novels, as well as explore the many arts and crafts, museums, beaches and communities along the northern coast, in particular. We couldn’t wait to get on the plane!

6 thoughts on “Last Year”

  1. Bonsoir
    Vos tenues sont adorables.
    Avez vous des tutos?
    J’aimerais bien en faire surtout la tenue blanche avec le gilet
    Si vous pouvez me répondre je serais ravie
    Bonne marche

    • Hello, I am afraid my French is not very good, so I will answer in English and let you translate. I can certainly share the patterns, but I need to type them up first, however, so it will probably not be until later in the week for the first one. I will start with the white one for you. It is one of my favourites, also. I have made the dress in blue, too, but have only made the jacket the once. Nice to hear that you like the little outfits as much as my kiddies do!


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