And, the winner is…

Our favourite librarian, H., was the judge for our cat scratcher design contest. Mommy said she was the perfect judge because she has two cats of her own, so she knows what kitties like and don’t like.

Before, I announce the winner though, Joy wants to show off the new dress she got for back to school. She finally felt well enough to go out, so Mommy took her shopping this afternoon. I’m just glad Mommy didn’t insist we all go again. Once was enough for me.

Joy loves the flowers on the bodice of her new dress. She chose long sleeves because the weather person’s prediction this morning was that winter is going to be long, harsh and cold this year. Brrrrrrr.

Also, before I announce our winner, here is a reminder of all our entries for the contest.

And now – our winner –
Chloe’s design won! H. says she chose Chloe’s design because it looks like a castle. We were all disappointed we didn’t win, but Chloe’s cat scratcher will be just right for Treasure, I guess. Anyway, it was a contest so someone has to win and someone has to lose. Congratulations, Chloe!

8 thoughts on “And, the winner is…”

    • Lucky kitties you have! We know our big cats would love to have a scratcher each, but they do an amazing job of sharing the one they have. Unfortunately, cat scratchers are really expensive to buy. At least, the one we make for Treasure will be definitely be cheaper.

    • Life is definitely better with a kitty around! We actually have two big kitties at our house, besides Treasure, but it is nice having one closer to our size to cuddle with. We really hope you will find a sweet kitty like Treasure to adopt.


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