Naughty Treasure!

Treasure has been a very naughty kitty! She has been scratching all the furniture. Mommy said we have to build her a scratching post “tout suite.”

We started arguing about what Treasure’s scratching post should look like, so Mommy said we could have a contest. Each of us got to design and draw what we thought the scratching post should look like, and one of our designs is going to get picked for us to build it.

We don’t know who is going to be the judge though.

My sisters were all so excited they didn’t even get dressed today before they started drawing.

We all found places to work where the others couldn’t see us. Joy and Michael claimed the hallway.
Chloe and I used one of our big sister’s school desks.
And, Luna and Vera hid under Mommy’s stool, with Treasure, of course. Wherever Luna goes, Treasure goes.

When we were all finished, Mommy took our pictures with our designs. She still didn’t tell us who the judge is. She said we will just have to wait and see.

I made a tower for Treasure because she likes to climb. I made a hiding spot for her, too.
Chloe made her scratching post look like a house. There are two places for Treasure to curl up on some blankets.
Luna made her post very tall like mine. Her scratching post has a hiding place, too.
Michael didn’t like all the purple and pink on Vera’s drawing, but Mommy said we should look beyond the colours to the design.
Michael made his kind of like a race car. It has good places for Treasure to take her naps.

Joy made her hiding place have a window and a door. She wanted three scratcher posts so Treasure could wind in and out of them.

Mommy is still working on the pebble rugs. Chloe and Michael both think the one for us should go in their own rooms, but Mommy just says, “we’ll see.” I think she just says that whenever she doesn’t have a real answer for us.

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