Back to School So Soon!

Mommy says it is almost time to go back to school! How can that be?

This morning she said I had to go with her and my sisters to shop for some back-to-school clothes. I told her that I was already smart enough, and sure didn’t need to go to school any more.

I tried telling her it would be a waste of time to get new clothes I wouldn’t need, but Mommy just mumbled something about, “not everyone being the brightest crayon in the box, even if they think they are.”

She made me go with them anyway, and get these new pants.

Joy was sick, and couldn’t go with us. She whined and whined about staying home. I would have traded places with her in a minute if I could have! I thought about pretending I was sick, too, but Mommy is such a suspicious person, I didn’t bother.

Joy was even crankier when we came home, and she saw the new dresses the girls got. Mommy said she would take Joy for a new dress as soon as she was feeling better so that cheered her up a little.

Sofia and Luna told Joy about all the pretty red dresses they thought she might like. They said if she got a red dress, they could all be triplets.

But Chloe and Vera tried to convince her blue was a better colour. Joy says she will wait and see what “strikes her fancy” when the time comes. Girls sure talk weird.
Mommy is still working on the rugs for our room and for Auntie S.. She started doing some of the black around the pebbles to get an idea of what the rugs will look like when they are done.
I know Chloe wants our rug to go by her bed, but I think it would look better next to mine. Maybe if I promise to work hard at school this year, Mommy will let me have it in my room…

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