The Swimming Pool

Auntie R. said this Himalayan rock crystal would warm us up before we went swimming, and then the water would feel more refreshing once we got in the pool. Luna and Vera liked it a lot, but I got kind of bored just sitting there.

So, I did some more exploring while my sisters warmed up. I don’t know why, but Auntie has a couple of Santas hanging out in one of her plant pots. This one was pretty friendly so we posed for a photo together, but the guy behind me was so grumpy, he wouldn’t even smile for the camera. I think he might be missing the snow at the North Pole. Santa and palm trees just don’t vibe naturally, I guess.

I found this cool lighthouse on the exercise floor. I don’t know how it got there because it was nowhere in sight while we were curling!
Of course, once they saw me with the lighthouse, Luna and Vera insisted they had to have their picture taken with it, too.

Can you believe that when we finally went out to the pool, my sisters decided all the warmth from the rock crystal had worn off, and they needed to sit in the sun before we could go swimming? Girls are so crazy sometimes.

While I was waiting for my sisters, I found this funny little Noah’s ark hanging from a tree. Mommy said it was a birdhouse, but I didn’t meet any birds in there.
I worked up a real sweat climbing to the top of Mount Firewood, and decided it was time to swim, whether Luna and Vera were ready or not.

Ah – perfecto mundo!
Of course, once I showed off my perfect starfish, my sisters had to try and outdo me.
Luna and I had a race around the pool. Vera was our judge. She said we tied, but I know I really won.

Luna started hogging the fountain. Vera got mad and went to tell Auntie. Luna was afraid Auntie would get mad, but she didn’t. Auntie just said we all had to share.

We swam for a really long time. Whenever we got tired, we just took breaks on the edge of the pool.

Mommy finally said it was time to get out because it was getting close to dinnertime.
But, after my sisters got out, I snuck back in for one last swim by myself.

Auntie’s pool was the best! She said we can use it anytime.
My other sisters are going to be so jealous when they hear about all the fun the three of us had today… Maybe we should just tell them the water was freezing and leave it at that.

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    • Thank you! We try to always have lots of fun! We hope to get back to our adventures next week after Mommy has finished recuperating from her surgery. We miss sharing our adventures a lot…

      ¡Gracias! ¡Intentamos siempre divertirnos mucho! Esperamos volver a nuestras aventuras la semana que viene después de que mamá haya terminado de recuperarse de su cirugía. Extrañamos mucho compartir nuestras aventuras …


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