Curling Anyone?

We went to Auntie R.’s house this afternoon, because she has a pool we can swim in. But when we got there, we found out she has bikes our size, too! Luna tried the red bicycle, and I was going to try it after her, but then I saw this motorcycle…it’s way cooler than a plain ole bike. Zooooooooooom…
Auntie would only let me take it for a short spin on the exercise floor, but man, it’s a really fast piece of machinery! She said I have to get a helmet if I want to go outside for a real spin, but Mommy said “NO!” Just like that, too – capital letters and all – moms are such worrywarts. I’d drive it safely, but Mom says I have to wait until I am eighteen. As if I’ll be better driver just because I’m older. How ridiculous is that?
Auntie asked me to park the bike in the corner of the living room where it belongs. I found this curler guy on the TV ledge nearby. I struck his pose to see what it felt like to be a curler, and then, Auntie said she had a curling set we could try out. It really belongs to Uncle P., but he wasn’t home to show us how to play. Auntie said she could teach us though, because she knows the rules from Uncle.
The girls complained the rocks were heavy so I got to be the rock thrower, and they took the brooms. They need to eat more spinach.
I made some great shots. Luna and Vera swept like mad, but they kept forgetting which team they were on, so they swept the rocks no matter what colour they were. Good thing we were only playing for fun.
Next time we visit Auntie R., I’m going to ask my other sisters to come, too, so that we can have real teams. Then, I’m going to ask Uncle P. if he’ll play against us.
I know he’s really good, but I bet if we practice enough, we could beat him.

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