Finally, Chloe Has Her Turn to Be Happy!

I have a coverlet for my bed! I wanted flowers, and Mommy suggested a cross stitch coverlet, rather than a quilt. She let me pick the fabric colour. I like the way the flowers look against this soft green linen fabric.
I like everyone else’s quilts, too, but my coverlet is perfect for me. I am going to ask Mommy to make me an afghan for the bottom of my bed so when it gets to be colder weather, I will still be warm and toasty.
Now that my coverlet is finished, Mommy has started the rugs for Auntie S. and herself. She lets me help her decide what colours to use for each pebble. When our rug is finished, I am hoping it can go beside my bed because then I will have a spring flower garden coverlet and a pebbly brook next to it.

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