A Visit with Auntie R. and Uncle P.

Auntie R. was so insistent that we visit, Joy and I decided to go over yesterday. Everyone else said they were too hot to go outside, but I am pretty sure they all just wanted to watch their favourite DVDs without Joy and me putting in our suggestions. Michael says if he has to watch Cinderella one more time, he is going to barf. He can be such a drama queen.
Auntie had a new yoga ball. She said we could play with it if we wanted to. She, Mommy and Uncle P. were yack, yack, yacking, so we took her up on her offer.

I went first. I called this pose, “Balancing on Your Belly.” Joy said it was a silly pose and a silly name, so I challenged her to come up with something better. (Just between you and me, she is a very competitive person…sometimes, too competitive, if you ask me.)

I called this pose, “Balancing on Your Back,” but then Joy said I had no imagination! I think the heat was making her cranky…she said it was called “Worthy of Cirque du Soleil.” In my opinion, she was dreaming a little too big for her britches, if you know what I mean…

After playing for a while, we got too hot. Joy found this ice water just sitting on the table. No one else seemed to want it so she drank it all up.
I wasn’t thirsty, so I went exploring and found this fan which was just the perfect size.

Ha – Marilyn Monroe has nothing on me!
Of course, just when I was starting to cool off nicely, Joy saw the fan, and wanted a turn. Luckily, I felt sorry for her, with her cucumbery breath and all.
By the time we were both feeling cooled off, Mommy, Auntie R. and Uncle P. had almost finished visiting. We sat down to wait for them, but you know what? Just when Mommy got up to go, she sat back down, and they started yacking all over again. Sigh…I make you any bet the others spent the whole afternoon watching Cinderella without us…

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